Philosockphy's sock of the month for October: 10 Stylish Ways to Wear Socks

Your sock drawer may be filled with boring socks, or your closet might be crowded with mismatched socks from different brands that don’t really work together. If you want your socks to express the stylish side of your personality, here are ten ways to wear socks that will help bring out the fashionista in you! Use this list as a guide to create more sock outfits, whether you’re going out at night or running errands during the day. And don’t forget to pick up some more of Philosockphy’s stylish and fun socks to complete your look!

1) #1 - Knee high socks with shorts

Knee high socks are a great way to add some flair and stand out from the rest. If you wear shorts, try wearing them with knee highs. They'll make your legs look long and lean. Pair with some combat boots or sandals. This look is perfect if you want to be comfortable but still put together. You can also find socks that match your shorts so it is a seamless transition from shoes to socks. You don't want those short-short styles or those white ankle socks that never stay up! Knee highs will keep everything in place and have fun colors to mix with your outfit too!

2) #2 - Black socks with black shoes

The first step is pairing socks with your shoes. Black socks look great with black dress shoes or sneakers, but if you're wearing a brown shoe, match your socks to that color instead. If you have a bunch of black shoes in your closet, wear white or light-colored socks.

3) #3 - Knee high socks with sneakers

One of my favorite ways to wear socks is with sneakers, like these knee high socks from Philosockphy. I love that they match just about every shoe color and are so comfortable. I have been wearing them on repeat this fall with my all time favorite white Nike sneakers. They make a great gift too! You can find them in their sock of the month club or in their monthly sock subscription box.

Best Knee High Socks with Sneakers

4) #4 - Matching your socks to your bag

Matching your socks to your bag is a stylish way to go. This can be done in a few different ways, but one idea is pairing fun dress socks with either a brown or black leather bag. This will give you a sophisticated look and some personality at the same time. You could also wear fun colorful socks with black pants and shoes, topping it off with a tan blazer or coat. This will make you stand out while still maintaining an air of sophistication.

5) #5 - The warmer season pairings

We all know that socks are a necessary component to any wardrobe, and it can be tricky (and often expensive) to find ones that are high-quality, comfy and don't slide down into your shoe. As an alternative, consider purchasing some fun socks for men or crazy color dress socks. This way you'll always have a fresh new pair waiting in your sock drawer!

6) #6 - Mixing patterns

Don't be afraid to mix patterns! You can mix your socks, match some colors and make a statement. Whether it be argyle with plaid or polka dots with stripes, you don't have to shy away from mixing patterns. It might take a bit more thought but the result will always be worth it!

1) Mixing Patterns - Argyle + Plaid

2) Mixing Patterns - Polka Dots + Stripes

3) Mixing Patterns - Stripes + Dots

7) #7 - Add some heels to mix up an outfit

8) #8 - Sexy Librarian Look

10) #10 – Keep 'em clean!

9) #9 - Cuffing it up!