Our Sharpest Sock Philosophy Yet from Our Sock Club

Sales are starting to slow down again at Philosocks, and we’ve decided to do something about it! The new philosophy at Philosocks has been dubbed The Sharpest Sock Philosophy Yet from Our Sock Club, or the TSSSMOFOSOSSC for short. Here are the highlights of this new philosophy as well as an explanation of what each of them mean and how they will affect your sock subscription

Who is Sharpest

Sharpest is a sock club that delivers 2-3 pairs of premium quality socks to your door every month. We offer 6 different styles of socks with a focus on color, comfort, and style. You can subscribe for 1 month ($12/pair), 3 months ($9/pair), or 12 months ($6/pair). For November we are introducing our new Bold Collection which includes 4 exciting new styles: Plaids, Stripes, Ankles and Argyle.

What makes a sock philosophy

We make the best socks in the world. We're not just saying this to sell you something, but because it's true. And we've made a whole lot of socks. So when we say they're our sharpest yet, we know what we're talking about.

We pride ourselves on making socks that are colourful, comfortable and durable so that you can enjoy them for years to come as much as you do now.

Which products are in the club

The socks club is a monthly subscription that sends you a new pair of colourful socks, every month. There are six different types of socks that come in the club: striped, polka dot, animal print, argyle, solid and patterned. Each month there is a different pattern which makes it exciting to wear them.

How to best enjoy what you get

Treat every single delivery like it's your birthday. After all, you'll be getting a package in the mail with items that you've chosen just for yourself. So, unwrap those packages with glee and enjoy every step of the process.

--Unwrap your package.

--Remove any packing materials that are still inside the box that contains your goodies.

--Open up your socks so they can breathe and then put them on (either one at a time or both).

--Grab something to wear with them while they're still in their original packaging (e.g., shoes, pants).

--Enjoy your new goodies!