Order a Sock Subscription to Dress Your Feet in Style

Order a Sock Subscription to Dress Your Feet in Style

How do you dress your feet? Most of us stick to the same ol’ socks we’ve been wearing since high school, and that means those feet aren’t getting any love—or style points! Whether you’re the type who favors slouchy ankle socks or the kind of person who needs bright colors and quirky patterns to liven up your outfit, there’s a sock subscription service out there just waiting to give your feet the pampering they deserve. Here are just five of the best sock subscriptions on the market right now, including coupon codes and links to purchase!

Inspire the Future

You don’t have to be a superstar athlete or an adrenaline junkie. We think everyone has their own version of adventure, and that everyone should have access to clothes that are comfortable enough for everyday wear but also rugged enough for more daring pursuits. Philosockphy socks are inspired by various rock climbing disciplines and designed with your comfort, protection, and style in mind. No matter what kind of adventure you aspire to pursue—whether it’s hiking on vacation or getting after it at your local climbing gym—you can do it looking great, feeling awesome, and protecting your feet.

Wear Cute Accessories

Many women love using accessories, and socks are one of them. You do not need an occasion to dress up your feet! And if you’re going for cute colorful socks that add some flair to your outfit, go for it! Who knows? Maybe it will get you inspired, or maybe people will notice it and compliment your Philosockphy socks. Socks aren’t just there for warmth and comfort anymore; they are part of any great outfit. Did you know that sneakers don’t come with laces anymore? If you want to make sure your shoes stay on nicely, grab yourself some colorful Philosophy Socks. They look good when doing laundry too! Who doesn’t like saving time and energy?

Color Outside the Lines

The Story of Philosockphy (Part 1) - Who says socks have to match? At Philosockphy, we know better. Our philosophy is all about standing out, staying true to yourself and having fun while you're at it. That’s why we created our unique line of graphic socks featuring bold prints and colors that don’t fit into a particular box or follow any specific pattern. We encourage everyone who wears our products—whether they buy them from us or not—to color outside of the lines and do what they love. Find Out More »

Power Dressing

Dressing for business is about showing people who you are and where you’re going. If you have trouble deciding what shoes to wear each day, then it’s time for something new. Philosophie Socks offers socks for men and women that express your style and individuality, no matter what day of the week it is. Keep things professional with a solid color or wear something bright on Wednesdays. You can even treat yourself on Fridays with fun patterns and bright colors. Find whatever fits your personality with these amazing socks—order a sock subscription today!