Newest Sock of the Month Club: Show Off Your Strong Side with Philosockphy Socks

Newest sock of the month Club: Show Off Your Strong Side with Philosockphy Socks

Did you know that everyone has two sides, one strong side and one weak side? Whether it’s on the basketball court, on the softball field or in the workplace, your strong side always outperforms your weak side. And when you find yourself in the spotlight, your strong side will help you shine! You might be thinking, How does this apply to socks? The answer is simple: Philosockphy Socks. They are so comfortable, so stylish and so durable that you won’t be able to resist showing them off every day!


How To Get Involved

Philosophy socks is a new sock of the month club that sends you fun, cool, and colorful socks for men. Choose from new designs each month or choose to have your favorite ones sent over and over again. These socks make a great gift for any guy in your life, plus they are perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their sock game. There are also fun dress socks and crazy color dress socks available! The best part about this sock subscription is that you can customize it to fit your needs - if you want to get so many pairs per shipment or have them shipped once every three months, these are all options that Philosophy offers. You can also choose how many pairs you would like in your shipment, ranging from two pairs up to six pairs at one time!


What Makes Our Philosophy So Special?

We believe that every one deserves to have fun and celebrate their individuality. That's why we offer socks for men who want to stand out from the crowd and show off their best qualities! With so many color options and styles, you're sure to find something that suits your personality. From our ankle socks for men to our crew socks for men, we have it all! Come see what makes us different.


Why Buy Our Philosophy Merchandise

If you're looking for a gift for someone who's a little more difficult to buy for, then our Philosophy Merchandise is perfect. Whether it be mens purple ankle socks or cool socks for men, we have a wide range of fun and whimsical designs that will be sure to please. Plus, you can't go wrong with our sock subscription service--it's like having your own personal stylist without all the hassle!


The Philosophy Story

Philosophy is a sock subscription company that started in January 2015. Our goal is to make men's feet happy and keep them warm. We offer a new sock of the month club, where subscribers receive a fresh pair of socks each month on their birthday. In addition, we sell many different types and colors, including crew socks and ankle socks. Our most popular product is our fun mens ankle socks that come in all sorts of colors and patterns.


Did You Know That We Have A Monthly Giveaway?

PhilosophySox is a sock of the month club that delivers to your doorstep 12 pairs of high-quality socks for men in a variety of styles and colors. The best part? We have monthly giveaways on our Instagram (@philosophysox) where we give away 3 months worth of socks. Make sure you follow us to stay up to date on all our new arrivals, fun contests, awesome deals, and more!


Where Can I Get My Favorite Philosocloth Now?

Head over to our website and sign up for a subscription plan. Our plans start at $10 per month for 3 pairs of socks. You'll be able to choose from 12 different styles monthly- including colorful ankle socks, best sock subscription, best crew socks, awesome socks club or fun men's ankle socks.
The first shipment is free so you can try us out before deciding on a long term plan.


10 Reasons to Join Our Club

Philosophy Socks is a monthly sock subscription service for men that features fun and colorful socks. They offer 3 subscriptions: 1) A monthly sock club, 2) A 3-month sock club or 3) A 6-month sock club. Each month you will receive an email detailing what to expect from your subscription. You can also order a one time box at any time which is perfect for last minute holiday gifts!
Philosophy Socks is a great way to show off your personality while showing your love for uniquely designed socks.


About Philosockphy Designer Socks

Philosockphy is your best sock of the month club for men. Philosophy has curated a monthly sock subscription service to offer men an assortment of colourful and fun socks with a focus on comfort. The best part is that you can send as a gift or try it out yourself. Join our monthly sock club, and start getting your feet comfortable in style!