New sock subscription service Philosockphy is perfect for stylish, strong-willed individuals who want to make a statement with their socks.

New">sock subscription service Philosockphy is perfect for stylish, strong-willed individuals who want to make a statement with their socks.

Are you tired of wearing the same boring socks day in and day out? Then get ready to subscribe to Philosockphy, a new">sock subscription service based in Washington DC that delivers the most stylish socks to your door each month. In addition to making sure you have something unique to wear with every outfit, Philosockphy also makes it easy to give back through their">sock of the month program—for every pair of socks purchased, they donate another pair to someone in need!

The philosophy behind PhilosophySox

PhilosophySox was founded on the belief that our feet are beautiful but need protection from the outside world. We also believe that our feet carry us where we need to go and should be celebrated not only in our shoes but in what we wear on them as well. That's why every one of our designs features something about the individual's personality: their favorite book, song or movie; a quote that resonates with them; or an aspect of themselves they're proud of. With PhilosophySox, you can show off your strong side everyday!

How did the idea of a philosophy in your sock come about?

It all began when founder and designer of Philosockphy Socks, Erica Lea Redmond, was on her way home from yoga. I had just finished my session at the studio and I was walking out wearing my Lululemon sneakers and my favorite athletic socks, she says. I looked down at them and thought 'wow these are such an important part of my workout routine.' But what really struck her that day was the realization that there were so many different types of people in the world: runners, yogis, dancers, weightlifters--all with different workouts that called for different types of gear. And yet no one seemed to pay attention to the most important part of their workout attire: their socks!

What brands do you work with?

Philosocphy currently offers two different brands of high quality, fashion forward footwear: men's and women's. We have partnered exclusively with these brands because we're confident that our customers will be thrilled with the level of style and comfort they offer - not to mention the meaning behind them! With each pair you order, you'll be supporting hardworking artisans in Peru by purchasing products that are responsibly made in an ethical factory environment.

Know the business side too!

How did you go about choosing these philosophies?

It was important to us that the messages be concise and impactful. It's not enough to just have cool or funny sayings printed on your footies – they should also mean something! That's why we chose only three: Strength, Confidence, and Risk-Taker. The designs were created based on our own personal philosophies of life; they're expressions of who we are and what inspires us!

I didn’t sign up yet. When will I get my first box?

If you sign up today, your first box will arrive in about six weeks. This means you'll receive four pairs of quality men's or women's socks every six weeks at the rate of $25 per month (plus shipping). Shipping is free in the continental U.S., and we offer gift subscriptions and alternative delivery methods, too!

Philosockphy subscriptions are available for purchase through our website only (we don't sell them in stores yet!) You can also sign up by phone or e-mail. And if you're worried about commitment: no worries! You can cancel anytime by logging into your account and navigating to Account Settings.

Why don’t you have monthly subscriptions? (vs other companies)

Philosockphy offers two different types of subscriptions: monthly and quarterly. Monthly subscriptions are great if you know your tastes will stay the same or if you just want to try it out before committing to a longer subscription period. Quarterly subscriptions are better if your tastes change often or if you’re someone who wants variety in the types of patterns they wear each month.

Who chooses the designs each month?

Philosockphy, the brand new monthly">sock subscription service was founded by two best friends and former roommates who are passionate about fashion and love collecting designer socks. When it came time to start their own business they wanted to do something that would allow them both to be creative every day. They launched Philosockphy in July of this year, and have already shipped out over 300 subscriptions! The key difference between Philosockphy and other">sock subscriptions is that they partner with three different designers each month, so subscribers receive six different pairs of designer socks every month curated from three different designers.

Are the socks available separately on your website after subscribing?

Yes! Your monthly package will include three new pairs of Philosophy Socks and when you are ready to buy more, you can do so without having to resubscribe. Shipping and handling fees apply but the good news is that we ship internationally!