New Company Offers Sock of the Month Subscriptions

New Company Offers sock of the month Subscriptions

How many times have you said, I really like this pair of socks? That’s what the founders of Philosophy Socks thought when they decided to start their sock of the month subscription service. They liked the quality of the socks they bought and wanted to find more like them, but no one company sold every pair that tickled their fancy. So, they decided to launch their own business and give people access to all the socks they want by providing subscribers with a new pair of socks every month! Now everyone can be as in love with their socks as Philosophy Socks founders are!

The genesis behind Philosockphy

One thing that always bugged me about our socks is that they didn’t match—they came from all over. So my wife and I started a sock-of-the-month club, but with a twist: we pair together different socks for every month. This was fun to do, so when my daughter told me she was starting up her own sock company (she sells novelty socks), I thought it would be a good idea to help her out and start an online subscription service that pairs together two different sets of socks every month. It costs less than $10 per month (which is less than one trip to Starbucks!) and you can use code philosocks to get 10% off your first order! Happy sockin'!

Philisophy Socks on Amazon

Philosophy Socks aren’t exactly new; they’ve been around for more than a decade and are designed to add colour and interest to an otherwise mundane part of your wardrobe. However, new brand Philisophy Life is bringing these colorful socks to a larger audience by offering customers a monthly sock subscription service. Starting at $12.95 per month (shipping included), you can sign up for your own sock subscription—that’s one pair of fun, funky socks delivered straight to your door every month. The first shipment will include two socks; after that, each shipment will include one pair in addition to whatever else might be going on that month (think seasonal accessories or key items). And if you don’t like any given pair?

How they think people will use their socks

Philosophy believes that there is one strong side for every person and their socks allow people to show off their strong side. This philosophy is completely on brand for Philosophy, a company that takes pride in encouraging people to live out loud, live free and even go as far as not showering or wearing shoes in order to help you understand your priorities. They sell everything from body wash, bubble bath and perfume all designed to help you feel comfortable with your own scent (and therefore life). And now they are offering another way for customers to live out loud with their new sock of the month club.

Ways that they plan to expand their business

PhiloSocks plans to expand its business by: - Expanding overseas to countries such as Canada, Germany, France and Australia. - Introducing new sock designs monthly to add variety. - Applying for nonprofit status in order to accept donations from companies and individuals as well as hold fundraisers. - Developing a new website that’s mobile-friendly and interactive.