Never Wear the Same Socks Twice with These Monthly Subscriptions

Never Wear the Same Socks Twice with These Monthly Subscriptions

The month of March is upon us, which means one thing and one thing only — it’s time to switch up your socks! When it comes to the sock drawer, we like to keep things fun and interesting around here. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best monthly sock subscriptions so you can stick with a new pair of socks every single day, week, or month.

10 Easy Matching Tie & Sock Combos

Bright-colored socks and a tie can be a bold choice. But, pairing those two items can help you easily put together an outfit that looks polished and put-together even if you didn’t have time to pick out your clothes in advance. For example, try tying a blue paisley or striped tie with bright orange socks—those colors complement each other beautifully! Or, opt for matchy-matchy socks (i.e., ones that are also paisley or striped) to add some interest while still keeping things relatively subdued. It’s an easy way to look like you nailed your morning routine when really it took all of five minutes to get ready!

The Right Tie & Sock Combos for You

If you’re looking to add a little personality to your business or formal attire, take your tie-and-sock combos to new heights by matching these monthly subscription boxes: The Tie Bar (tie + sock combo for $25/month) – Provides two ties and socks in every box.The Hat Box (hat + sock combo for $20/month) – Offers three styles of hats, one pair of socks and a pocket square. Match Your Sole (sock combo for $15/month) – Select from nine different colors of socks each month. Sock Fancy (sock combination for $20-$24/month) – Includes at least five unique pairs of trendy dress socks every month.

The Right Tie & Sock Combos for Every Occasion

Want to wear your favorite pair of socks more than once, but hate that they end up looking dingy? You may be a bit too rough on them during wear, and not giving them enough time to dry out between wears. You can actually extend their life by sticking to a similar color scheme each month—as long as you own all four colors in the set. Here’s how it works: Take inventory of your existing socks—you’ll need one pair of black, blue, brown, or gray depending on what tie combo you choose. Then find a tie with at least two colors in it that matches one of your sock colors; for example, if you’re wearing white/black socks don't match them with a navy blue tie.

The Best Places to Buy Quality Ties and Socks

It’s a no-brainer: Buy what you love, and wear it often. That’s how you build a stylish wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean it should cost an arm and a leg to do so. The best places to buy ties and socks may not be where you expect them to be, but they sure are worth checking out. Here’s some of our favorite spots for neckwear and hosiery. Keep your looks on point all year long by subscribing to monthly tie or sock services from these companies: If You Like Ties: Want 20 new ties delivered to your door every month?