Monthly Sock Subscription Box - Say Yes to New Socks

Monthly Sock Subscription Box - Say Yes to New Socks

My husband and I have been getting socks from a sock subscription box since February 2014, and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. When you get socks every month, it’s like Christmas morning each time - even more exciting than when we were kids! And who doesn’t love new socks? There are tons of different kinds to try out, including fun patterns and silly quotes, so you won’t be stuck with boring black socks. If you want to say yes to new socks every month, check out this monthly sock subscription box!

What is a sock subscription box

A sock subscription box is a monthly delivery of brand new socks, with a few extra socks thrown in. These boxes are aimed at those who have difficulty keeping track of their items and would like an easier way to keep themselves stocked up on socks and underwear. A sock subscription service is also great for those who love novelty socks but don’t want to spend so much on them. These boxes are designed to help you get multiple pairs of different coloured, textured or patterned socks at once and make sure that you always have something cool (and clean) on your feet! Who doesn’t want colourful new socks every month?

Pros and Cons of the service

As a frequent traveler, I've discovered that one of my biggest challenges is how quickly my clothing wears out. At times, I find myself having to either shop frequently for new outfits (which is expensive) or wear clothes that are stained and have holes in them (which isn't always attractive). On top of that, traveling means I'm often living out of a suitcase so it's difficult for me to keep track of my dirty laundry. The latter point is why I was intrigued by Darn It!, which bills itself as a monthly sock subscription service. The product: personalized socks that fit your style preferences and taste—but best of all, you don't have to think about taking care of your dirty socks—Darn It! does it for you.

What should I look for in a sock subscription service

When you’re looking for a sock subscription service, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. The biggest is how often they ship: Most sock of month clubs ship every month, but there are some that ship every other month. If you can only wear certain kinds of socks with your work or school uniform, or if you don’t wear them at all but still enjoy having them in your drawer, go with a two-month service.

Where to purchase these products online

Monthly subscriptions for socks. Many boxes include fun themes and a few select brands are included in each box, like Fit Socks, Outlier and Paisley & Jade. Each box is a value of $30-$60. With free shipping in the US, you will be receiving socks every month!