(Monthly) Sock of the Month Club Subscription - The Ultimate Gift for Men and Women

(Monthly) sock of the month Club Subscription - The Ultimate Gift for Men and Women

Mens subscription boxes are nothing new, but how many of them include socks? Enter the sock of the month Club, a monthly sock subscription service that makes finding cool socks as easy as can be! The sock of the month Club sends you 3 pairs of socks every month, so that you’ll always have new and fun socks to wear with every outfit. You can also opt to subscribe to one-month, two-month, or three-month sock subscriptions - all with free shipping worldwide! Are you ready to elevate your sock game? Join today!

Get Him a Monthly sock of the month Club Subscription

It’s not a big secret that men love socks. But when it comes to gifting your man with something he truly needs and would use, you should know that socks are one of those essentials that guys like but rarely get. When was the last time you gave him a new pair? (Maybe it was back in grade school?) Well, if you’re looking for a gift idea he'll never forget (and maybe even use), consider getting him a monthly sock subscription service. There are several sock of the month clubs out there, so shop around and find one that fits his style—and your budget! Picking out gifts can be tricky business: many times they end up as clutter around our house or forgotten altogether.

Get Her a Monthly sock of the month Club Subscription

A subscription to a monthly sock club is a great idea if you want to get your wife, girlfriend, or mother cool socks. If she's picky about her socks, you can also include personalized greeting cards that let her know why you chose each pair. Depending on how fastidious your gift recipient is, monthly sock subscriptions can even be personalized with her favorite colors or styles in mind. You might not think of socks as one of life's luxuries, but trust us: when it comes to shopping, they're right up there with new designer shoes and handbags! Some women just love getting new things every month. Your job is to get them something they'll love—even if it is boring old socks!

100+ Socks to Choose From

When you sign up for a sock subscription service, you'll get access to one or more unique sock designs each month. Some services curate their selections, while others will let you choose from dozens of different options. Even though some people might call it boring, we think that's kind of awesome—we like to have options. On top of that, we're not big fans of novelty socks (those weird ones with words on them). So if that's what you're into, too bad! We only deal in cool socks here at Sock Panda.

What Other Customers Say About Them

I got a subscription to these cool socks as a gift. They’re really soft, comfortable, very high quality (as you’d expect from such nice socks). I always get compliments on my new pair whenever I wear them to work. With so many amazing designs, you won’t be disappointed when gifting these! Plus it comes with a nice drawstring bag! A+++

Details on Selecting Options

Not only do sock of the month clubs make a great gift, but they’re also a great business idea. Most subscription-based businesses offer low start-up costs and turn their customers into repeat buyers. Additionally, monthly subscriptions are often easier to sell than one-time purchases because customers can commit to buying each month. To get started with your own sock subscription company, you’ll need to design a number of different pairs or socks before offering them in your online store.

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Want to give a special gift but don’t know what your friend or family member would like? Want to make sure they have something fun, interesting, and valuable delivered every month? Consider starting them off with a sock of the month club subscription. Each month, your giftee will receive an individually hand-selected pair of high-quality socks delivered directly to their door.