Looking for a fun and unique sock subscription? Check out Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club!

The sock of the month club has been around since before socks were invented and long before they were fashionable. The real question here isn’t why someone would want to subscribe to a sock subscription, but rather why not? In fact, there are plenty of reasons to get into a sock subscription if you haven’t already – and if you have, it’s never too late to switch to something new! Let’s dive right in and explore the perks of starting your own sock subscription today.

March 2018 - The Month of Philosophy

The Month of Philosophy is a monthly sock subscription service that sends you colourful, well-made socks throughout the year. They have three different subscriptions to choose from. The first is their one-time purchase package, which includes two pairs of socks with your choice of size, design, and gender (male or female). The second option is the monthly premium package, which comes with four pairs of socks delivered every month to your doorstep. And finally there's their monthly premium plus package which comes with four pairs of socks delivered every month to your doorstep PLUS they will donate one pair to an organization that helps people in need.

The Fallacies Socks

Philosophy Socks are the newest addition to The Fallacies' lineup. They say that He who dies with the most shoes wins. Well, we say He who dies with the most socks wins. We're here to help you win. In fact, every day is a new opportunity to get your favourite pair of Philosophy Socks for only $9.99 USD in your inbox. With 12 different designs each month, all you need is one set to stay stocked up - or subscribe and get two sets delivered monthly! Our socks are colourful, comfy, durable, soft and stretchy so they'll fit any size shoe - but we can't guarantee they'll make your feet feel better after those long days on your feet at work.

Get the most thought-provoking socks you will ever own

Philosockphy is an exclusive monthly sock subscription with a twist. You can choose between 3 different types of socks: Fuzzy, Fashionable or Funky. With each type you get one pair of each style that are delivered to your doorsteps every month.

Fuzzy socks are fuzzy on the inside, made with super soft material that keeps your feet warm in winter. This style also has ribbed cuff to keep your feet from sliding around in your shoes.

Fashionable socks are designed in cool colours, so they're great for summer time wear when you want to spice up your outfit without adding too much colour. These socks also have ribbed cuffs to keep them snug on your feet all day long!

Only $19.99 per month

Check out our latest sock design, HEROES WEAR Philosockphy SOCKS. Our designer has made these socks colourful and bright. The best part is that they're only $19.99 per month with free shipping to your doorstep in the US or Canada (international orders are subject to additional shipping). Join today to take advantage of limited time discounts, too!

Discover your new favorite brand name socks

Philosockphy Socks is an apparel brand that has taken social justice to new heights by introducing socks with inspirational quotes printed on them. This is not your average pair of socks, these are designed to elevate your mood and help you walk through life with a sense of purpose. The company offers monthly subscriptions so that you can always have high quality, comfortable socks delivered right to your door. With offerings like HEROES WEAR Philosockphy SOCKS or I am strong because I am brave, these socks are sure to brighten up any day.

About Philosockphy

Philosockphy offers an exclusive monthly sock subscription service. The socks we send are one-of-a-kind, with bright colours and designs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We want to give you the opportunity to try new styles without having to commit to anything long term. All you have to do is sign up once, then we'll take care of everything else every month. You get three different pairs of high quality footwear each time and they're sure to make any outfit pop!