Life Hacks With Socks

Life Hacks With Socks

So you’ve fallen in love with this awesome sock subscription service, but now you find yourself wondering how to get even more use out of your new socks? Never fear! We’ve come up with some helpful tips that will turn your monthly sock subscription into an unexpected life hack goldmine!

So, What Are The Best Sock Subscriptions?

We recently asked our readers to tell us which sock subscriptions they love and boy did we get a lot of answers. Turns out, there are a ton of great socks to choose from for men, women and children and so many ways to wear them! From basic knee-highs to athletic socks and everything in between, here are just a few suggestions on how you can start looking at socks differently. If you’re feeling inspired, head over to your favorite subscription service or go pick up a few new pairs at your local store. If nothing else, it’ll be fun seeing what types of cool socks people send in next week! (And no worries; we’ll remind you.)

Give the Gift of Cute, Cool, & Functional Socks

Can you think of anything better than getting socks as a gift? Now you can, with sock subscription boxes. They’re exactly what they sound like: boxes filled with socks. Some are themed (think beer and wine), some are curated to fit your specific style or needs, and some even let you choose which types of socks you want. Check out these options and be sure to send one to that super-hard-to-shop-for person in your life!

How Does it Work?

sock of the month is a sock-of-the-month club that offers subscribers a monthly variety of fun, unique socks. Some socks are quirky and fun while others are practical to complete everyday outfits. Each month you’ll receive six pairs of socks that may include dress, athletic or lounging styles. Members also get 15% off all future sock orders as well as exclusive member discounts on all other products in our online store, which includes t-shirts, hats and handkerchiefs with unique designs that add great personal style to your wardrobe. You can cancel anytime but you will be enrolled in our 6 month membership program; if we send less than 12 pairs per year you will automatically be enrolled in another 6 month plan when you do rejoin.

Who Can Benefit from Our Reviewed Subscriptions?

There are many people who can benefit from sock of a month. Many who wear pants and socks each day in their homes or while they’re out will use our product. Anyone who enjoys wearing cool socks will also enjoy having them delivered to their door every month, because let’s face it, you have to have some enjoyment in life and if you like socks we can guarantee you that our box is something that you will enjoy every month! Who wouldn’t want a new pair of quality socks every single month? You will be excited each time your box arrives at your door so don’t miss out on getting yours today!

Which Is The Most Appropriate Subscription For Me?

All of these sock subscriptions are fun, but is it worth a one-time purchase or should you go with a monthly subscription? If you're on a tight budget and only want to buy socks occasionally, we recommend Treat Me. If you'd rather set up an automated delivery and forget about your socks until they arrive at your door, Treat Crate might be a better option. If you're really hard to shop for and want to try out some of our favorite socks all at once, Gift Me has you covered. No matter which subscription service is right for you, who wouldn't love some cool socks?

FAQ - Most Asked Questions

What is a sock of the month? It's a surprise. Once a month, you'll get either a pair of men's or women's socks in your mailbox. You won't know what they are until you open them (don't worry: no one else will know what they are either). But each sock comes with its own special purpose. Because life is better when we use socks sensibly! (Life hacks!) If it doesn't come with special instructions, wear it any old way and impress people with your style and comfort. No one has to know that underneath all those cool socks, you're actually wearing regular ones because you have some sort of chronic foot condition.

Is There Any Way To Get Free Stuff From These Companies?

Whether it’s free food, free socks, or anything else you can get your hands on, why not give these services a try? You’ve got nothing to lose but your metaphorical socks! Companies offer all kinds of rewards and incentives when you sign up for their loyalty programs. Find out which ones are right for you. Free snacks and small samples: It doesn’t take much to attract consumers—free snacks and small samples are usually enough to win over new customers. If a company is giving out something delicious just for signing up, chances are they’ll keep you around as a loyal customer too. Just make sure that they aren’t giving out something unhealthy like potato chips or candy in exchange for your name.

When Would I Get My First Pair of Socks?

When you sign up for a sock of the month club, or buy a certain number of socks at once (usually 3 or 6 pairs) you usually get your first pair free. It’s kind of like buying in bulk, but for socks! Some clubs will also give you a discount if you buy more than one pair per month. At twelve pairs of socks per year, that’s almost an entire outfit—pants, shirt and tie—for free each year. You don’t even have to wash them when they come back! Just throw them in your suitcase on laundry day and wear them again when it's time to go home.

Does A Monthly Box Have Any Hidden Costs?

Although there are some hidden costs to be aware of when it comes to sock of the month clubs, for example, you can’t use a discount code that comes with some monthly boxes. You also won’t be able to see all of your options before choosing which socks you want sent to you each month. However, if you know what you like and have strong opinions about what pairs well together, then a monthly sock subscription could be exactly what you need. Monthly sock subscriptions are especially great for people who love having new socks but hate having to go out and shop for them every time they run out.

Conclusion - Did We Learn Anything From This Post?

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