Lazy Girl's Guide to No Show Socks

Lazy Girl's Guide to No Show Socks

Do you know you’re supposed to wash your no show socks? Most people think it’s okay to just wear the same pair over and over, never washing them in between wearings. In fact, there are many more do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing and caring for no show socks. Here are some of the most common ones that will keep your feet healthy and happy.

What Are No Show Socks?

Before we can even begin talking about do’s and don’ts, we have to explain what exactly no show socks are. If you haven’t yet heard of these bad boys (and girls), let us fill you in. When it comes to wearing socks with your sneakers or boots, most of us stick with ankle-high or knee-high socks that stay at our ankles and knees. These are great for both warmth in winter and comfort over long distances in summer, but sometimes they just get too annoying. Enter: no show socks.

Benefits Of Wearing Good Quality No Shows

When you spend money on good-quality no shows, it’s actually a great investment. They’re not only more comfortable, but they also last longer. Cheap socks tend to develop holes in their heels and toes from stretching over time. If you wear them often enough, cheap ones will start separating at the seems and can turn into a pain in your feet; they could cause painful blisters or worse if worn during a long hike or walk. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your gym shoes or hiking boots, invest in some good-quality no shows.

Things To Consider When Buying Your First Pair Of No Shows

Choosing a pair of no-show socks can be an intimidating prospect, but not if you know what to look for! There are several types of no show socks on the market today. Before making your purchase, make sure you understand each one, so that you can choose which ones will work best for your situation. A good place to start is by asking yourself why you are buying them in the first place. If it’s just because everyone else is wearing them (we've all been there), then try going sockless instead. But if you have good reason for needing a pair of no-shows, then stick with us! Let’s take a look at what type of situation suits each type best

How To Wear Your No Shows

Some women like keeping their toes naked and ready for action, but if that’s not you, think about wearing your no-show socks with lace-up shoes and ankle boots. Also consider pairing your no-shows with long heeled boots or booties when it’s too cold to show off your legs. Avoid wearing no-shows as a standalone option. They look great under skinny jeans or slacks, but can make you look less put together than you are in other styles. And ladies—no matter how cute they are—it is never okay to wear no-shows with white pants unless you plan on doing laundry before leaving home! [Source: Philosockphy]

How To Style Your no shows with various outfits

Styling your no shows with various outfits is as easy as choosing which of your current socks you’re going to replace. There are many socks in wide varieties of colors and styles that make great no show replacements. Some can even be worn with boots or shoes, depending on how thick they are. Others will only work with specific shoe styles and won’t keep no shows from peeking out under jeans. If you wear skirts frequently, there are also a lot of dressy options available too that can help transition your look from day to night with ease. Just like regular socks, it’s all about personal style when it comes to choosing which no show sock is right for you.

Caring For Your no shows so they last longer

Keeping your no-show socks in top shape is important if you want them to be a good value. They're not all created equal, and poor construction or cheap materials will lead to soggy, smelly feet sooner rather than later. There are some things you can do (and some you shouldn't) that'll make your no shows last longer. Here are my top tips

Last Word On Wearing your no shows

While you may love a good pair of no show socks, they can be hard to wear if you don’t know how. It’s easy enough to wear any old thing with your sneakers, but these pretty little things require more thought. When worn with sneakers, no shows are both an anti-chafe and an anti-slip solution. And when worn with something open like sandals or flats, they have an air of sporty sexiness that is hard to resist! There are some rules of style that should be followed while wearing no shows; read on for details!