Keep Calm and Wear the Philosockphy Sock of the Month

Keep Calm and Wear the Philosockphy sock of the month

Don’t take life so seriously that you can’t even enjoy your socks. With the Philosockphy sock of the month club, you can enjoy 1 awesomely designed pair of socks delivered to your door monthly for just $19.95 (plus shipping). All our socks are hand-picked by staff, who wear them just like you will, to ensure that we provide only the best quality and most comfortable socks on the market today.


Why Our Mission is Important

Our mission is to provide fun socks for men that can make you laugh, feel comfortable, and express your personality. We do this by sending fun socks monthly without breaking the bank. With a variety of sock subscriptions for men, including crazy color dress socks, cool socks for men, colorful dress socks, best sock subscription and more we have something for every man on your list.


Philosophy - A Little Background

Philosophy at its core is a creative, imaginative discipline that seeks to understand life's fundamental truths. This includes the nature of reality, knowledge, values, morals, religion and other important human questions. The term philosophy comes from two Greek words meaning love (philia) and wisdom (sophia). Thus, it signifies a love for wisdom or knowledge.


January's Collection

The January collection is here! We're kicking things off with a colorful blend. This month's sock will be designed with a bright yet soothing spectrum of purples and yellows to soothe your senses. Plus, we've got a variety of dress socks that are perfect for everyday wear or work attire. There's also some fun men's ankle socks for those who enjoy a bit more flair in their footwear.
We hope you love this month's collection! Check back on our blog page next month to find out what February has in store for you.


February's Collection

February's sock features a few sweet treats, like rainbow popsicles and ice cream cones. It also includes different shades of purple to represent the color this month is all about. Plus, don't forget about Valentine's Day—we've got you covered with some love-themed socks for your loved ones. Shop now for our monthly sock of the month club!


March's Collection

We are so excited to introduce our new March Collection! This month we have a fun assortment of socks for men, from cool mens socks to colorful ankle socks. There is something for every guy's needs - from dress socks to trendy crew socks. Shop now to take advantage of our special pre-order price!


April's Collection

Our best sock of the month club will always have something new to offer, but we are really excited about our April collection! This month we've got some awesome new socks for men. We have a great variety with fun dress socks, colorful socks for men, crew socks, ankle socks and more! There's something for everyone in this collection.
Each month has a different theme and these are all super fun. But don't worry if you missed out on any collections because every day is a different theme at Philosockphy!


May's Collection

This month, let's talk about Philosophy socks. These socks are great for those who like to keep calm and wear awesome socks. We offer a variety of colors, patterns, fits, and lengths that are perfect for any occasion. The mens ankle socks are made from cotton (and some polyester) to give you comfort while keeping your feet warm. Plus they have reinforced soles so there is less chance of having holes in your feet! mens colourful socks are available in ankle length as well as crew length (both crew lengths will keep your feet warm). Finally, if you're looking for an awesome gift for that special someone in your life then these best crew socks will do the trick!


June's Collection

One thing that has been on my mind lately is socks. There are so many cool socks out there, but one type that I have been really into are these Philosockphy Socks. They come in different colors every month and have a little funny saying to go with it. As a college student looking for some fun new socks, this seemed like an awesome idea! I was sent one of their mens purple ankle socks to review, so here is what I think:
-The sock feels soft to touch and has an awesome design on it. I love how it says keep calm on it because that's what I do when things get stressful!