Join Our Sock of the Month Club and Receive Exclusive, High-Quality Socks!

Join Our sock of the month Club and Receive Exclusive, High-Quality Socks!

Have you ever fallen asleep at night with your feet tucked into your favorite pair of soft, cozy socks? You’re not the only one! There’s a reason why so many people swear by their sock of the month clubs - they make you feel like you’re walking on clouds while you sleep! This can improve the quality of your sleep and your overall health in general! When it comes to choosing the best sock of the month club, however, there are many variables to consider.


Why join our sock of the month club?

Our sock of the month club is a great way to enjoy high-quality socks delivered to your door every month. We have a variety of socks for men and women, so you're sure to find something for everyone in your life. Plus, with each sock you get two pair - one for now and one for later - so you'll never run out of socks again. Join our club now to start receiving quality socks today!


What type of socks will I receive?

If you're looking for a gift that will keep on giving all year long, our sock of the month club is a great choice. Each month you'll receive a new pair of high-quality socks that are perfect for every occasion. And we offer several different types to choose from: colorful dress socks, fun men's ankle socks, and cool mens socks. Plus, we've got just about any color you can think up: reds, pinks, oranges, greens--even purples!


How often will I receive new socks?

One thing we know for sure is that you love to dress well. And we want to help you do that by providing socks in a variety of colors and styles. With our sock of the month club you will receive one pair of colorful socks delivered right to your door every month, with an option to skip any month if you don't need new socks. You'll never be bored or stuck with boring matching pairs again because each monthly package features a different style - from crew socks to dress socks. If this sounds like something you're interested in then sign up today.


What are the benefits of joining our sock of the month club?

- The best quality socks in our sock of the month club come with a 100% guarantee. If you don't love your socks or they start to wear down within 6 months for any reason whatsoever, we'll send you new ones.
- With every pair of socks you get from our sock of the month club, you'll also receive a personal message from us (you can write this message yourself) so that your package will feel like it was made just for you.
- You'll be supporting small businesses by joining our sock of the month club. We're a small business that's committed to providing outstanding service and quality products.


How do I sign up?

Now that you know all about our sock of the month club, it's time to sign up. This can be done in just a few easy steps: Step One: Click on Subscribe Now below. Step Two: Enter your name and email address in the boxes provided. Step Three: Enter your desired length for your subscription (6 months is $25 per month). When you are finished filling out these three boxes, click Subscribe Now. You will then be brought to another screen with more information about our subscription service. Read through this information carefully before submitting your order. If you are satisfied with what you see, click Submit Order. Congratulations! You have now subscribed to our monthly sock of the month club.