Is Your Sock Subscription Keeping Your Feet Warm This Winter?


Cold feet in winter? With these tips you will get warm through the cold season with your sock subscription! One of the best things about Winter (other than Christmas) has to be the cute new socks that come out as part of your sock subscription each month. But when it comes to keeping your feet warm, socks aren’t always enough! Whether you’re doing some last minute Christmas shopping or just getting your holiday party outfit ready, we have some tips on how to keep your feet warm in winter so you can enjoy all of your festive season events!


What kind of socks should I buy?

You'll want to make sure you're getting socks that are not just comfortable, but also colorful and cool. fun socks for men are a great way to add some personality to your outfit, and they're perfect for any occasion. cool socks for men can be dressy or casual. crazy color dress socks will help show off your fun side with an unexpected pop of color. You might even find yourself wearing them as often as your more traditional black dress shoes!
If you like the idea of a sock subscription, you'll love our new gift box option! The gift box includes 3 pairs of the best quality crew socks and the lucky recipient will receive it in their mailbox each month.


What accessories can help me stay warm

Are you looking for a fun way to stay warm this winter? Dressing up your feet will go a long way. ankle socks are a great option as they keep the toes and ankles warm and make it easy to bundle up. Crew socks are also a great option as they are thicker than ankle socks and can be folded down over the top of shoes. If you want to go sockless, then wearing some colorful shoe inserts will do the trick! If you need some new mens colored socks we have plenty of options for you. Our best sock subscription is our Men's Monthly Sock Club with 18 pairs of premium cotton, wool or bamboo blend socks delivered every 3 months.


How do I take care of my clothes during winter

First, you have to figure out what kind of clothes you will be wearing during the cold months. If you are not going to be outside for long periods of time and don't wear a lot of heavy fabrics, then your typical clothes should work just fine. However, if you spend a lot of time outside or wear heavy fabrics like wool and denim, then it is best to layer up with undergarments that can keep you warm. Next, when cleaning your clothes make sure to do so inside an enclosed space like a laundry room or bathroom with the heat on because it can take a while for clothes to dry in cold temperatures.


How do I keep my hands and face warm?

It's not always possible to bundle up in a big coat when you're out and about. You don't have to sacrifice your hands or face, though! Here are some tips on how to keep those extremities warm:
-Wear a pair of gloves. -Don't forget your hat! -Carry tissues with you for use as makeshift handwarmers. -If it's cold enough, try using hand warmers if you have them handy. -You can also try wrapping your hands with a scarf or other piece of fabric if they get too cold.


How should I style my hair during the winter?

Styling your hair can be tricky during the winter. You want to look professional and not too cold, but it also needs to keep you warm. Here are some tips for styling your hair in the winter:
-Get a haircut that is short enough to not freeze against your head.
-Use a light gel or mousse in order to give your hair some texture and bounce while keeping it styled well.