Is Your Sock Choice Saying Something About You?


Are your socks telling the world something about you? It’s true, the clothes you wear tell the world something about who you are and what you value. As we move into spring, it’s time to consider your sock choice (or sock choices) and whether they are saying something interesting about you. Whether that’s in regards to your sock of the month club or your general approach to fashion, this article explores all sides of the issue, leaving no doubt as to what your sock choice says about you.


Do you wear socks at all?

Some people might think that socks are just an accessory, but they're actually a fashion statement. If you wear ankle socks, that can say a lot about your personal style. Wearing colorful socks or patterned socks is a sign of confidence and boldness. People who wear cool, funky socks typically have strong personalities and don't care what others think of them. And if you're wearing some crazy color dress socks, it's likely because you want to stand out in the crowd at all costs - even if it means risking being the weirdo.


Are you a solid color or multi-patterned sock wearer?

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How high do you tuck your socks into your shoes?

Do you tuck your socks into your shoes? If you do, then it could be a sign of high self-confidence. It might also say that you're not very outgoing, and don't need to show off your ankles or feet to feel good about yourself. But if you DON'T tuck your socks in, then it may suggest that you're an extrovert who likes attention and doesn't care what people think of your feet.


Do you wear knee high socks with shorts in the summer, but not swimsuits because it’s not classy

I wear knee high socks with shorts in the summer, but not swimsuits because it’s not classy. I can't get over how gross they look. I think they would be weird to wear with a dress too. They're just not classy enough for me.


Do you always match sock colors to your outfit

People who are color-coordinating their socks to the rest of their outfit are showing that they care about making themselves look good. It's also a nice way of matching colors with someone else in your life, like a spouse or significant other.
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Are your shoes falling apart and so are your socks?

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