Is Your Man's sock Drawer in Need of a Makeover? Introducing the Sock of the Month Club!

Not sure what to get your boyfriend or husband this holiday season? A sock subscription service, such as the sock of the month Club, can be the perfect gift! Here are some reasons why men's socks make great holiday gifts

What is sock of the month Club?

Philosocks is a monthly subscription service that sends you new pairs of socks every month. We offer four different subscriptions to suit your needs:

-Monthly Subscription for Men, Women, and Kids ($19.99/month) -3-Month Subscription for Men, Women, and Kids ($59.99/3 months) -6-Month Subscription for Men, Women, and Kids ($119.99/ 6 months) -12-Month Subscription for Men, Women and Kids ($239.99/ 12 months).

Philosocks also has an annual Philosockphy membership.

What Makes This Gift Special?

The Philosockphy behind this gift is simple: you give them socks, and they'll be reminded that you're thinking about them. Whether it's for Father's Day, their birthday, or just because, we believe that our friends deserve to feel loved and appreciated. And who doesn't want new socks every month?!

Why the gift set is unique

The Philosockphy Gift Set is perfect for men who like to have options. It features five different styles that are available in multiple colorways, making it easy to find one that matches any outfit or mood. And because they're made from high-quality materials, these socks will last much longer than any other you've seen. With our Philosockphy Gift Set, your man can get his own monthly dose of fresh style and still stay within your budget.

Who will Love it Most?

Men are notorious for neglecting their socks. With an sock of the month Club, they'll get a new pair of socks delivered to their door each month. Plus, with 12 months worth of gifts, it's a gift that will keep giving throughout the year. Whether he wants dressy or casual styles, our exclusive collection has what he needs. And because we offer monthly and quarterly subscriptions, you don't have to worry about getting him just one present-he'll be surprised with something new every time he checks his mailbox or opens his email inbox.

Where To Buy It and When Can I Get It?

Introducing, the sock of the month Club - your solution to that pesky sock drawer dilemma. The monthly club is just $20 per month and includes six pairs of high-quality men's socks. You'll also receive new patterns, colors and designs each month to spice up his wardrobe. This gift is perfect for any man who needs some variety in his wardrobe or who has a hard time finding socks that fit right. To learn more or purchase one for your favorite guy, click here