Is the Sock Of The Month Club Worth It? We Reviewed to Find Out

Over the years, subscription boxes have taken the world by storm, with new ones being launched every day and existing ones growing in size and popularity as well. While there are many different types of subscription boxes available on the market, one of the most popular subscription box types out there today is the sock subscription box. In this article, we’ll be reviewing one such sock subscription box – sock of the month Club – to see if it’s worth it or not.

What is sock of the month club

The Philosockphy of the sock of the month Club is simple, and will cost you $24.99 per month. You'll get a pair of socks delivered to your door every month for a year, so you can have fun with your sock game all year long. Whether you prefer stripes or polka dots, we've got you covered. And if one of our socks speaks to you but it's not in your size, don't worry! You can exchange them for a different style or size at any time during the month. At that point they'll be like new!

What you get

Philosockphy, which means philosophy in socks, is a monthly sock club that sends you an exclusive pair of high-quality socks every month. For $19.99 a month, you'll get two pairs of designer quality socks delivered right to your door without any hassle or need to go out and buy them yourself.

Philosockphy has been around since 2013 and has gotten rave reviews from customers who love getting quality socks on their doorstep every single month. Plus, they're giving back in a big way by donating a pair of socks for every purchase made.

The Philosocksy sock club is worth it for those who are looking for convenience and those who want to invest in themselves!

Shipping, Quality and Cost

Shipping - Shipping takes about two weeks. They will send you a reminder email and text message, which is a nice touch. You can also choose an expedited shipping option for $8.

Quality - These socks are high quality. They feel like they would stand up to years of use without any problems. Cost - For twelve pairs of socks, it's $24 per month plus shipping, which comes out to just over $2 per pair of socks

Pros and Cons

The pros of this club are that it is a monthly subscription, which means you will be getting new socks for your feet all throughout the year. There is also a wide variety of sock options, so you don't have to worry about being stuck with one pair for an entire year. Finally, you get a discount on your first month.

The cons of this club are that there is no guarantee that you will like any of the socks that come in your monthly package. Another con is that if you sign up for more than one month at once, they charge you extra (which doesn't seem fair). Lastly, while some pairs are only $10-15/month and others can be $25-30/month, all of them have free shipping.

Final Words