Is Sock of the Month Club Worth It?

Is sock of the month Club Worth It?

Curious about sock of the month clubs? Maybe you’re looking to spoil yourself with some new socks, or you have a family member who would really appreciate this gift idea. Whatever your reason, read on to learn more about what you can expect from sock of the month Club and whether it’s worth signing up!

The Good

After I had been subscribed to SoCMC for a couple months, I found that I had more cute socks than I could wear in a month. All pairs are unique and often feature themes like March Madness or Lucky Panda. The company sends out a new pair every other month and there's usually one patterned pair in each package, which is nice for variety. Also, as far as subscription services go, SoCMC is very affordable and actually saves me money over buying my own socks from stores! For example, by buying four pairs of $10 socks from Nordstrom Rack (which is pretty much their version of TJ Maxx), my total comes to $40. That's already double what SoCMC costs per month!

The Bad

The primary problem with a sock of the month club is simply not knowing if you’ll actually like what you get. Of course, they claim that each box will include a variety of colorful socks, but just how many colors do they consider variety? I think most people would be okay with 2-3 colors (not including black and white), but I found multiple sources saying that clubs often don’t even offer multi-colored options at all. For example, it appears there are currently only five single-color options for December—and since there are 12 months in a year, it doesn’t look like customers can choose which colors to avoid and get. So if red isn’t your thing, tough luck!

The Ugly

When I first heard about a sock-of-the-month club, I thought it was a bit silly. I mean, who really needs 12 pairs of new socks every month? While my husband might think otherwise, even he could probably make do with six pairs. Still, as silly as it sounded to me, there are many things you can actually order online and have delivered right to your door. And then there’s sock-of-the-month clubs—like Stance Men’s and Darn Tough's Great Pant in a Box , which is perfect for any man who works in an office (or spends lots of time on his feet).

What I Would Do Differently Next Time

My husband and I tried out sock-of-the-month clubs from a few different places. Let’s face it, getting socks is a bit boring. But I was excited to try a variety of sock brands because they’re kind of like women’s shoes – we all have those favorite brands, but sometimes it’s fun to branch out and give new companies a try. I would definitely recommend trying these subscription boxes out. You get cool colors and lots of styles without ever having to go searching for them! Plus, you can usually get them on sale! Check Amazon for current prices on these items (affiliate links included). These aren't necessarily affiliate links - just products that I personally recommend!