Is a Sock of the Month club worth it?

Is a sock of the month club worth it?

How many socks do you own? Would you believe that you probably only wear about 5% of them? If that’s the case, then you might consider a sock of the month subscription from sock of the month Club . But what are the benefits of sock of the month club versus just buying your socks at your local store? Let’s break it down by comparing the pros and cons of sock of the month clubs versus just buying your socks at a store.

What exactly is a sock of the month club?

A sock of the month club gives you packages of socks delivered right to your door! This is a pretty neat idea, but also one that comes with some pros and cons. We’ll tell you what those are later on in our great sock encyclopedia post, but first we’re going to give you some more information about sock types. There are quite a few different types of socks out there, so let’s take a look at each type! First up, there are single coloured socks. These feature one solid colour throughout, with possibly a pattern or logo decorating them somewhere. Next, we have variegated coloured socks.

Why should you join one?

A sock of the month club can be a fun gift for yourself or a loved one. By joining, you will get one pair of socks per month shipped to your door automatically at little to no extra cost! Most clubs require that you join for 6 months (3 shipments) in order to get free shipping on your first set, but some are better than others and will offer more bang for your buck. Here is our breakdown on what we think about three different sock of the month clubs

What are some popular clubs out there?

There are many sock clubs out there, but perhaps none as popular as Sock Drawer’s monthly sock subscription. At $10/month, you get 3 pairs of high-quality socks (for both men and women), which is often more than enough to make them an exceptional value. You may want to start small with something like a month-to-month or 6-month plan; these tend to be more affordable.

How much do they cost per month?

The prices vary widely between sock-of-the-month clubs, but as with anything else, you tend to get what you pay for. So if you’re not picky about style or pattern and don’t mind getting socks that fall into categories like your basic socks, then your options can be pretty cheap. A three-pair box typically costs $12 to $15 per month and offers a decent blend of styles and patterns. If you want something more specific—say argyle or colorful socks—you should expect to pay more, usually somewhere around $20 per month (sometimes even more).

What do they include?

Some sock-of-the-month clubs include a single pair each month, while others are known as novelty clubs, and send you unique or themed socks in addition to your monthly pair. Some even ship multiple pairs at once! The first thing you'll want to do is decide if you're going to be satisfied with one or two pairs per month, or if you really need that variety. Remember: Not all novelty socks are created equal! If they don't fit your feet well or they fall apart too quickly, that novelty will wear off fast. Remember: Not all novelty socks are created equal! If they don't fit your feet well or they fall apart too quickly, that novelty will wear off fast.

Do they ship internationally too?

Yes! All you have to do is pick your own sock colour, enter your email address, select how often you’d like socks to be delivered (1 month or 3 months), and shipping frequency (monthly or quarterly). There are two options for shipping – standard and expedited. The expedited option is much more expensive but if you need them before their usual ship time (usually 4-5 weeks), then that will cost you $12 CAD for North America. Standard delivery is free on all orders over $50 CAD. Shipping internationally will cost you around $10 USD (which includes tracking) and arrive within 6-8 business days depending on customs clearance times in your country.

Are there similar subscriptions for other items as well like underwear or t-shirts/tops?

Maybe. I have no idea what kind of market is out there for socks, but I imagine its sizable if companies are willing to invest in subscription services like sock of the month. There’s probably not much to be gained from doing a bunch more research on sock clubs because they’re not exactly revolutionary services, but there might be ways to capitalize on other trends in retail clothing and fashion. For example, is anyone investing heavily in T-shirt of The Month clubs lately? Where can you buy quality t-shirts cheap these days and how hard would it be to create an online subscription service around them? Probably not that hard. How about underwear subscriptions?