Introducing the Sock of the Month Subscription!


Are you tired of having to buy new socks every month? Do you constantly lose your socks to the dark abyss of your washer and dryer? Are you looking for something more exciting than basic white or black socks? We’ve got the solution to all your sock problems—introducing sock of the month! For only $25 per month, you will receive one fun and unique pair of high-quality socks delivered straight to your door!


What is a sock of the month Club?

The idea for a sock of the month club came about when I was looking for fun, colorful socks. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to create a sock subscription club where people could find funky, cool socks every month. The best part is that you don't have to buy a whole year's worth of socks - you can just subscribe and only get 3 pairs per month, or 6 pairs per month if you're feeling extra generous.


The Different Types of Socks

When it comes to socks, there are a few different types and special features. One type is dress socks, which are typically made from cotton or wool and have a more formal look. There are also ribbed socks, which you may know better as crews. Crews are typically shorter than dress socks and don't usually extend past the calf. ankle socks are another type, usually made from cotton or nylon and designed for warmer weather. Finally, novelty socks can be fun for all ages - they're not just for kids anymore! Novelty socks can come in all sorts of shapes, patterns, colors and sizes. And if you're looking for a sock subscription service that has a little something for everyone then our sock of the month club is perfect for you!


How does it work?

Our mission is to provide men with socks that are fun, colorful, and comfortable. We want you to have a choice in socks because everyone has different preferences. We also want to make sure that our customers feel as though they are receiving a quality product at an affordable price. Each month we will ship you six pairs of socks so that you can have enough for your feet and any other attire you may need. You will get three fun dress socks and three crazy color dress socks each month along with two pairs of ankle length colorful socks and one pair of crew length colorful sock. Our goal is for our customers to enjoy wearing their new sock each day or as often as possible without having to worry about getting bored or running out too soon.


Why are these socks better than other socks?

We have a wide selection of cool socks for men and some really cool socks for women. We also have sock subscription options that you can sign up for monthly or quarterly. These subscriptions are perfect for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, and more. You'll get to enjoy fun socks every month and we'll make sure you're never without your favorite pair.


How do I get started with my subscription?

Signing up for your sock of the month subscription is easy. You can either go to our website and order your first month, or you can give us a call at 1-888-906-8736. Either way, we'll make sure you're signed up for monthly delivery so you'll always have an awesome new pair waiting for you at your door step. We also offer discounts for buying in bulk, so if you want to get a whole year's worth of socks, it's a great option as well.