Introducing the Sock of the Month Club: the perfect way to spruce up your sock drawer and your party games!

Introducing the sock of the month Club: the perfect way to spruce up your sock drawer and your party games!

sock of the month clubs are all the rage these days, and we’re proud to announce that we’re bringing our own sock of the month club to your favorite online retailer! Our fabulous sock of the month Club delivers three pairs of unique and high-quality socks directly to your door every month, with shipping included in the price. We make it easy by choosing the best socks from our selection, so you can simply take them out of the box and wear them!


Why socks are the best party game

So you're having a party. What are you going to play? The obvious answer is beer pong, but have you considered adding some new flair by playing socks? We've got some cool socks for men that will make any game more fun. You might be thinking I'm not wearing my dad's dress socks as a hat at my party, but don't worry, we've got socks for men in all sorts of bright colors that will match any outfit or theme. With our premium subscription service, you'll get 12 pairs of colorful socks delivered monthly so you can show off each month's unique design with friends at your next gathering. Plus, there's no shipping cost because we deliver right to your doorstep.


How to join the club

For just $10/month, you'll get a fun new pair of socks delivered straight to your door. You'll get a crazy color dress sock, or cool mens socks in a variety of colors. You can even choose the type of socks - ankle, crew, or no show - or opt for all three types.
The best part? If you're not into any particular design, you can skip that month and wait for the next shipment. And since every order comes with free shipping & returns, there's really nothing stopping you from joining today.


What you get as a member

Introducing The sock of the month Club, a great gift idea or an awesome addition to your sock drawer. We have socks for men and women with crazy colors, fun patterns, or stripes galore. You can get socks for work, or just for play; dress socks in purple or mens ankle socks in green. If you're looking for cool crew socks, colorful ankle socks, funky dress socks, funny men's ankle socks--or any other type--you're in luck with this awesome club that sends new pairs every month. And each shipment has at least one surprise pair waiting inside for you!


How to play drinking games with socks

Drinking games are a staple of most college parties, but if you're looking for something a little more tame than beer pong, try one of these drinking games with socks.
1. The first player puts on a pair of ankle socks. The next player must put on two pairs. The third player puts on three pairs, etc.
2. Players take turns drawing numbers from a hat or bowl and drink that number in seconds while wearing as many pairs as they drew that round.


The benefits of being a member

With this club, you'll get one pair of awesome socks delivered to you each month, handpicked by our expert sock-spert. We only offer a curated selection of colorful socks that are guaranteed to get you all the compliments at any occasion. Forget about trying to choose between so many different pairs - we've got it covered for you. Plus, our monthly fee is super low, so there's no need for any commitment or financial outlay upfront - just pay as much as you want when your socks arrive each month.