Introducing Philosockphy: The Sock Of The Month Club With A Difference

Introducing Philosockphy: The sock of the month Club With A Difference

How many pairs of socks do you have in your drawer right now? Are any of them mismatched? Are any of them not quite the right size? We may not be able to help you with the latter, but we can certainly do something about your mismatched socks, thanks to our latest business venture, Philosockphy! With Philosockphy, each month you’ll get an exclusive new pair of brightly-colored socks delivered straight to your door. All month long you’ll be able to enjoy looking at your trendy new socks and thinking about how nice they look with everything you wear.


How it all started

Philosockphy started with a conversation over a plate of spaghetti. My husband and I were talking about ways to make our lives better, and the idea of a sock subscription came up. What if we could take all the thinking out of picking socks for gifts, for ourselves, or just because? What if there was one place that had it all in one place? Would people like it? And so Philosockphy was born.
We spent months designing the perfect sock club - creating an aesthetically pleasing website, deciding on what types of socks to include in each package, trying out different brands to find the best ones possible. We even created sock care sheets! Now we're ready to share Philosockphy with you!


How you can sign up

Philosockphy is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers a new pair of socks to your door every month. They offer two different subscription levels, which both include free shipping and an array of fun and funky designs for men.
You can sign up for the Solo plan at $29 per month or the Double Trouble plan at $59 per month. Solo members will receive one pair of socks each month, while Double Trouble members will get two pairs in each delivery. If you sign up for the Double Trouble plan, there's also a chance that you'll receive a bonus gift in your package such as a premium sock liner, matching underwear or T-shirt!


Why should you sign up

Philosockphy is a sock of the month club with a difference. Every month, they send you one pair of surprise socks that fits your preferences. Instead of just picking out plain white or black socks, you can choose between funky dress socks, crazy color dress socks or fun men's ankle socks. You can also choose between cool mens socks, cool crew socks or crazy color crew socks. It's perfect for any man who wants to wear something different and not be restricted to wearing boring old black or white dress socks!


Advantages of being a member

Philosockphy is a sock of the month club where they send you socks in the mail every month. What's special about them? They have an extensive selection of mens colorful socks and other types of fun socks for men. Plus, they have cool socks for men, funky dress socks, and best crew socks. You can get a gift sock subscription and give someone else a gift of a pair of awesome socks club to enjoy each month too!