Introducing Philosockphy: the sock of the month club for discerning sock aficionados.

If you love socks and want to get a new pair every month, or maybe every other month, you’ll be interested in Philosockphy, the sock of the month club for discerning sock aficionados. In each monthly shipment of brand-new, high-quality socks, you’ll find one pair made by a small company that makes only one kind of sock (no one size fits all options here). In addition, Philosockphy will send you an information sheet with information about your socks and the story behind them.

The Problem With Socks

When you are shopping for socks, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair. You could spend hours browsing through a sock aisle or online store and still not find what you're looking for. Plus, after you buy a few pairs, they all start to look alike and you end up with an overflowing sock drawer that is full of socks that are all just okay. But this is where our monthly sock subscription service comes in!

The Solution

A new monthly subscription service, Philosockphy, has arrived to solve your men's sock woes with a fresh pair delivered right to your door every month in an assortment of fun and colorful ankle socks! The best part is, you can choose what style and color you want each time you order! For those on the hunt for funky dress socks or ankle socks, this is your answer! You can also sign up as a gift recipient or as someone looking for cool mens socks too. Whether you're stocking up on fun crew socks or just need some new crazy color dress socks, Philosockphy will deliver a new selection at least once per month with no commitments!

Choose Your Package

For those who want a new pair of socks every month, there are two different packages available on our website.

- The Essentials Package includes three pairs of men's ankle socks that can be matched with any outfit and five pairs of fun dress socks in various patterns or colors every year and retails at $25/month (plus shipping and handling). This package is perfect if you like to have a lot of variety.

- The Gold Package includes a monthly shipment of six pairs of colorful crew length socks in assorted styles including stripes, polka dots, animal prints, and more that retail at $35/month (plus shipping and handles). This package is perfect if you like to have a specific style each time your order arrives but still want plenty to choose from!

Subscribe Today!

Every month we'll send you a pair of our newest, coolest socks delivered right to your door. And not just any old socks, but fun socks for men, cool socks for men, or colorful socks for men that are comfortable and stylish too. With every new delivery, you'll get exclusive access to our limited-edition colorways that never go on sale - so act fast before they're gone forever!