Introducing Philosockphy: The perfect socks for any occasion!

Introducing Philosockphy: The perfect socks for any occasion!

If you want to keep calm and carry on, then you’re in the right place! Philosockphy socks are a subscription sock of the month club that will help keep your feet feeling fresh, with fun, new designs each month that aren’t available to purchase at any other time. Think of it as a gift from you to yourself... every single month! Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll also donate one pair of socks to charity whenever you sign up! We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your Philosockphy subscription!

What makes these socks so special

Most people love to show off their personality through the clothes they wear, and that includes the under-clothes. But what about when your pants are covering up your feet? Sometimes, you may just want to express yourself with a little flair and color in your sock collection. That's why we started Philosockphy Socks – so you can show off your unique personality, no matter where you go. We've got everything from crazy color dress socks and cool men's ankle socks to best sock subscription clubs and fun gift options. You're sure to find something that suits your style and needs. And if not? Head on over to our store page and send us a message!

What Makes These Socks So Comfortable

Philosockphy socks are the best socks because they're comfortable, come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and make you feel cool. Here are a few reasons why we love these guys so much. First off, the colors are out of this world. They have 12 different colors to choose from to match whatever outfit you want to wear. Next, these crew socks come in dress or casual styles so you can wear them with your suit or when you're lounging around the house on a Sunday morning. Plus, they're made of super soft cotton which makes them even more comfortable than your average sock! Lastly, and most importantly, they keep your feet warm all winter long while making sure they stay dry at the same time.

How are they priced?

1) Our mens ankle socks are $12.00 per pair.

2) Our mens colorful dress socks are $25.00 per pair.

3) Our best crew sock of the month club is only $25.00 a month and we will send you three new pairs of awesome crew neck dress socks every single month, starting in January 2019 until December 2020 or until you cancel your membership (whichever comes first).

4) As a new member of our best sock club, you'll receive two free pairs of crew neck dress socks with your order as our way to say thank you for trying out our awesome service!

Where Can I Buy Them?

Philosockophy Socks is a brand of colorful men's dress, best sock of the month club, and fun ankle socks. They create socks in many different sizes, styles, and designs to suit each individual's needs. Their goal is to make sure everyone has at least one pair of footsies they can't live without. Through providing quality products that people love, the company hopes to bring happiness through their designs and provide those who have stylish feet with some whimsical peace-of-mind. Now you can enjoy rocking your toes in their custom shades every day with their monthly sock subscription service so you'll always have something fresh to wear no matter what the day brings!

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