Introducing Philosockphy Socks: The Ultimate Sock Subscription for Every Month

To some, socks are simply socks; however, to others, the right pair of socks can make the difference between an ordinary day and an extraordinary one. That’s why Philosockphy Socks was created—to help you find the perfect pair of socks, every single month! Our">sock subscription service allows you to discover new and unique sock styles that suit your style and personality to a tee! As a bonus, each shipment includes a card with a unique Philosockphy Socks motto to motivate you in your endeavors throughout the day! So what are you waiting for? Keep calm and wear Philosockphy Socks!

Why we launched a">sock subscription service

We love socks. We know you love socks too. And we know that there are so many different kinds of socks and designs out there. Which is why we wanted to create a product that could give you the opportunity to wear a new pair of socks every month without having to do all the work to find them on your own. Philosockphy is a">sock subscription service with four different monthly themes: Sweaters & Slippers, Earth Day, Space Age and Olympics. Each month, you'll get two pairs of fun and unique socks delivered straight to your door so you can focus on other things like what outfit to wear or how you want your hair styled.

Our top recommendations

Bringing style to your sock drawer has never been easier. With Philosockphy Socks, you'll get a monthly box of socks delivered to your door, with styles curated just for you. Each month, we'll send a new pair of socks and you can try them out. If they don't fit well or you want something different, then there's no need to worry! Just send them back with the pre-paid envelope included in the package and we'll ship out a new pair of socks - free of charge. It's that easy!

Why it’s different

Philosockphy is a">sock subscription that delivers the perfect socks to your door each month. We offer two subscriptions, but which one is right for you?

The Classic subscription features six pairs of premium socks that are guaranteed to be totally different from your last box and arrive every other month.

The Premium subscription features twelve pairs of premium socks that are guaranteed to be totally different from your last box and arrive monthly.

You can also choose if you want men or women's socks or what color of socks you would like. Plus, both subscriptions have an option to add on a monthly accessory so it's like getting two gifts in one!

How it works

Philosockphy socks is a monthly">sock subscription service that features an exclusive new design every month. We work with independent designers to create original, limited-edition designs that can't be found anywhere else. One of the best things about our subscriptions is that they're easy to buy! All you have to do is select your style preference and size then sign up on our website. We'll take care of the rest!

Where you can buy them

Philosockphy is the perfect gift to give yourself or your loved ones. With every purchase of a monthly subscription, you will be automatically charged and receive your first package at the end of the month. It's as easy as that! You can buy subscriptions for any length of time, from one month to six months (or one year). You'll also receive free shipping in the US on all orders over $25.

And more!

Philosockphy socks are the ultimate">sock subscription service. We provide our customers with a new pair of socks every month. We offer three different subscription plans to suit your needs, so you will never be left without your favorite pair of socks ever again. Each plan has a different monthly cost and number of pairs. With one click, we can ship them right to your doorstep! Our monthly subscription is super simple and easy to manage. Sign up today for Philosockphy and receive a free pair of socks on us!

Don't wait any longer, get started today and order your first month from Philosockphy!