Introducing Philosockphy Socks: The Sock Subscription that Keeps You Looking stylish and Feeling comfortable all day long!

Introducing Philosockphy Socks: The Sock Subscription that Keeps You Looking stylish and Feeling comfortable all day long!

One of the most important parts of getting dressed in the morning is choosing what socks to wear. If you wear the same pair every day, they get worn out and become smelly, but if you don’t wear the same pair, you end up with all these different socks that are too clean to wear or too dirty to wear! The answer? A sock subscription service! Keep calm and subscribe to Philosockphy Socks today! Our sock subscription service gives you 3 months of stylish socks delivered to your door for only $59.99, plus shipping and handling!

Comfort vs Style - do you have to choose?

Many people consider comfort to be more important than style. After all, if your feet aren’t hurting, you can wear any old pair of socks. As a result, many men end up with no fashion sense whatsoever—even when they spend a lot of time in front of their mirrors getting ready each morning. At Philosockphy, we think there’s room for both fashion and comfort. We want to show you how wearing socks that are tailored to your needs can give you both comfort and style. Let’s start by talking about what matters when it comes to sock construction - a topic most people never really consider unless their toes get cold or some other extreme situation arises. What does made with cushioning really mean?

What can I expect from my first package?

When you sign up for a monthly package of socks from Philosockphy, you can expect a wide variety of colorful, trendy options. Our staff hand-picks each pair so they’re guaranteed to be your style. And with three sizes to choose from, we’re confident that there’s something here for everyone. While many subscription services promise no hassle returns, our customers love receiving new pairs every month—and we want it to stay that way. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on each pair so you can feel free to pick any style. And if there are any problems or something isn't right with one of your pairs?

What are the benefits of subscribing?

Sending a subscription box as a gift is an excellent way to make sure you know what your friends want. Many men struggle with finding gifts for their friends or partners, especially around birthdays or Christmas. If you don’t know what to get them, a subscription box can help you give something they’ll actually use. Even if you do know exactly what to get them, subscribing to a sock service means you can update your wardrobe without having to buy anything new. It saves time, money and space in your closet. We also have gift cards available for purchase so that if buying someone something specific isn’t your thing then giving them a pair of these socks as a gift card is equally as nice!

Should I subscribe for 6 or 12 months?

Are you a sock fanatic? Then why not sign up for 12 months? That way, every month you'll get a new set of funky, colourful socks to add to your collection. If you're someone who likes to rotate their pair of socks regularly or just likes to have a few pairs of quality socks, then six months is your best bet. What better way to keep calm and stay comfy than with monthly deliveries of fresh socks right at your door!?

How much does each subscription cost?

£12.50 per month plus delivery costs (depending on where you are in the world). We’ll contact you for your size, address, colours etc before we get into production. After 2 months, if you don’t love us or want to cancel at any time just let us know. Your socks will continue to be delivered unless you cancel. We hope you love them as much as we do though!

How do I choose which socks I want each month?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just use our colour picker to select your favourite colours for each month. We’ll then choose a wide variety of styles in those colours and send them directly to your door. Each pack contains 5 pairs of socks, which is just right for you to wear a different pair every day of one week. If you have any pairs left over at end of week 2, they can be easily stored until next month using our patented ‘underpants-in-the-dresser-drawer’ sock management system...we know it works because we tried it!

Do they ship internationally?

Absolutely! In fact, we’re working hard to expand our international shipping options. Right now, only US based customers are able to order from our site - but we’re working on making them available to other countries soon. Why? Because we want everyone around the world to be able to enjoy our socks. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Are there any repeat subscriptions available?

When we ask people why they don’t subscribe to a sock delivery service, they often reply with one of two things – either they think a subscription to socks is stupid or I can just pick up a pack whenever I need them. We beg to differ – with our new philosophy-inspired sock subscription there are no more boring days at work when you have to wear those same three pairs of socks for weeks on end. Instead, you get five fresh pairs of awesome socks delivered straight to your door every month! Plus if you love any pair from your last delivery, you can buy them off our website at an exclusive discount - yes it’s really that easy... so what are you waiting for? Start looking forward to every Monday morning now... :)