Introducing Philosockphy Socks: The Best Sock Subscription Service Out There!


Are you tired of wearing the same boring socks every day? Do you feel left out at sock exchanges or sock parties because everyone has the same socks? If so, then Philosockphy Socks are the solution to your problems! With three subscription packages to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and your budget, whether you’re looking for the essential basic monthly sock or if you want us to surprise you with new socks every month.


Where do you get your socks?

Philosockphy is the best sock subscription service out there. Their socks are made from the highest quality materials and you can't beat the price. Plus, if you're new to sock subscriptions, they have an introductory offer for just $10 a month for 3 months which includes shipping.
They have all sorts of different styles like crazy color dress socks, cool socks for men, cool mens socks and colorful ankle socks. Not to mention their monthly packages include 7 pairs of 2 pairs of awesome crew socks (sizes M/L) per shipment.
Philosockphy has been featured in Forbes Magazine's 7 Cool Companies To Watch list and they're sure to be on your radar soon too.


Who’s behind Philosockphy?

Philosockphy was founded by two friends who wanted to start a sock club that celebrates the male foot. We create colorful socks for men and fun dress socks for women and we're always looking for ways to make the experience more enjoyable. We like to think of it as your own personal sock surfer.


What kind of socks can I expect?

Philosockphy socks are the best sock subscription service out there. We send you a new pair of fun and funky socks every month for just $14.99. You can sign up for either a one-time purchase, or monthly subscription. When will my first pair arrive? If you sign up today, your first pair of Philosockphy Socks will ship on the next business day so you'll have them in time for Christmas!


When will my first pair arrive?

The best crew socks of the month club - Introducing Philosockphy Socks, where we ship you a new pair of awesome socks every month. With an ever-changing selection of crazy, fun and colourful designs to choose from, your feet will never be bored again.
Your first pair will arrive within 2 weeks of signing up, which means you'll get them in plenty of time for Christmas.


How often will they be delivered?

We'll be sending you a monthly package of fun socks for men. You can expect to receive your first shipment on the first day of the month, with every subsequent pair delivered on the same date each month thereafter (just in time for you to trade out your grungy winter socks!).


Is it time to cancel?

-Cancel your subscription at any time and you can get a refund on what you've paid so far.
-We send the best socks of the month to your doorstep every month, with no hassle or shipping costs.
-Free exchanges if they don't fit right.
-No commitments - cancel anytime, no strings attached.