I'm Hooked on Sock of the Month Club

I'm Hooked on sock of the month Club

How can anyone get enough of cute, cozy socks? I’m serious! I’ve been a member of the sock of the month Club for over two years now, and it’s one of my absolute favorite indulgences in life. With socks this cute and fun, you won’t want to wear any other kind!

How do you choose your monthly sock club?

When looking for a sock of the month club, make sure to choose one that sends you colourful, unique socks. How many times have you gone out and bought yourself a great new pair of socks only to realize they're basically all white? Not only are these socks boring, but they're also not nearly as comfortable as brightly coloured ones. For example, my favourite sock is bright pink! It stands out against my black shoes and I find it brings some happiness to otherwise drab winter days. Having fun with your outfit isn't just fun - it can also help boost your mood! The littlest things can bring joy into our lives, even a silly pair of pink socks. :)

What are my favourite socks?

I love that my socks can be colourful and fun. I have three pairs that really stand out: two pair with pink and green pineapples and one pair with purple roses. I actually got these as a gift from a friend, but I don't mind. They're super comfy, so it was well worth it! (I'm not even being paid to say that). A few years ago, I also received some very beautiful red-and-black socks for Christmas. Red is usually my favourite colour (although blue is close), so these were a big hit. What are your favourite types of socks? Or do you stick to just plain ones? Be sure to check out our website where we have many amazing deals on all sorts of cool socks!

Do they send women's socks?

A sock of a month club is exactly what it sounds like. You sign up for a subscription to receive socks each month for a year. Most clubs offer a wide variety of styles and colors, but some may specialize in certain brands or types of socks that you may not be interested in receiving. So, make sure you read through all of their options carefully. Once you've picked out which club to join, choose how many pairs of socks you want each month. There are typically 12 months included in your subscription so if there's an option to get three pairs per month or six, make sure that works with your style needs and budget before moving forward.

Is it affordable?

Most sock-of-the-month clubs are a one-time cost that ranges from $10 to $25. It seems like a small price to pay for four pairs of fun, new socks every month! Plus, you don’t have to do any shopping—just wait until they arrive in your mailbox! The best part? There’s no shopping guilt when it comes to new socks, because they’re coming straight to your door. Your wallet and your conscience will thank you.

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes! We allow gifting subscriptions from one customer to another, as long as both parties live in countries where a ShippingPass subscription is available. Just enter their email address in place of your own at checkout. They’ll be notified that you gifted them a subscription, and they’ll have 14 days to claim it. If they don’t, you get refunded so you won’t be out any money! It’s definitely nice to receive one yourself after someone else has gifted you – but not required! Someone give me socks!!

Do you recommend any other sock subscriptions?

Of course! The most popular sock subscription club is called Bombas. They offer a variety of different monthly plans, including one that involves a smaller but more frequent shipment. I personally have loved every pair they’ve sent me and couldn’t recommend them enough. If you prefer your socks to be colorful, try L.L. Bean . Lastly, if you want to splurge or want to send socks as a gift for someone special, check out Happy Socks . They offer all kinds of different styles and colors and even make holiday-themed designs!

Anything else you want to add about sock subscriptions?

I think I’m going to keep my subscription for a little while longer. I’ve always been picky about socks, but now I’m obsessed with them. It started as a bit of an investment because my current ones were wearing thin, but after getting into these new ones, it’s turned into something more. This is one addiction that isn’t bad for me. The great thing about having such nice socks is that I just want to wear them all day long. Not only do they look good when worn with dress shoes or sandals, but they are also quite comfortable and don't fall down like other socks do while walking or moving around, so they're perfect if you work on your feet all day.