I'm a Sock Subscription Addict: How the Sock of the Month Club Hooked Me

I never really understood the concept of being hooked on something before I subscribed to the sock of the month Club. I used to think it was just an expression people used when they really liked something, but boy was I wrong. Here’s what happened ...

The evolution of my sock subscription addiction

The journey to my addiction started with a gift, but quickly escalated into an obsession. I was hooked on Philosockphy! Once I received my first pair of socks in the mail, I was immediately smitten. The quality and comfort is incomparable to anything I’ve seen before. Plus, it's so much fun being surprised each month with new patterns and designs from around the world! Ever since that first subscription, I've been hooked on sock subscriptions and have tried them all – from toe-covered socks for those cold days to patterned socks for when you want some extra flair. It just keeps getting better with Philosockphy!

What is a sock subscription club?

The Philosockphy is a sock subscription club that sends out six pairs of socks every month. It's like getting to try new socks every day for thirty days straight! You can unsubscribe at any time or choose to subscribe again. A bonus is that it's not just about the sock - each package also includes an intriguing question to ponder, and some information on how your feet affect your whole body.

The Philosockphy was founded by two sisters who were inspired to make their own line of unique socks after they couldn't find anything they liked in stores. They wanted to create socks that would be fun and colorful, but also made with quality materials so you can wear them all day long without worry about them falling apart or having to take them off because they're sweaty and uncomfortable.

My favorite subscription boxes

I don't know about you, but I have a drawer full of socks that are either too big or small. The problem is, I never really think to buy new socks when I need them, which means I end up either wearing my mismatched socks or going without. That's where subscription boxes come in handy! They're like having an assistant who's always on hand with the goods when you need them. There are so many different companies out there that offer subscription boxes for all sorts of things - from makeup to food to clothes. And one company in particular seems to be taking over the market for sock subscriptions: Sock Drawer. They're based in Colorado and their service is pretty incredible.

3 tips to help you start your own sock subscription addiction

1. Put your name on it. I always make sure to put my name on my socks with a Sharpie so that if they get lost, they'll be returned to me.

2 2. Take care of them! Socks are pretty durable, but you should still take care not to let them go too long without washing and wear them as much as possible when you do wash them (to get more wear out of each pair).

3 3. Be specific about what you want. When I sign up for the sock club, I always write in the comments section what kind of socks I'd like and then the company delivers accordingly--something that has come in handy when my favorite color is sold out or unavailable from their usual supplier at any given time.

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