I'm a Sock of the Month Club Addict and I Love It!

The 5 Worst Things To Wear With Socks of the Month

Starting a sock of the month subscription is the coolest way to start your day and get excited about clothes. But, it can be hard to make sure you’re putting together an outfit that’s going to work with all your unique socks! In this article, we break down 5 of the worst things to wear with socks of the month and why you should avoid them at all costs!

1) Flip Flops

Flip flops are a shoe you wear on your feet that are made of plastic, rubber, or foam. The typical use for flip flops is to walk into pools and beaches. However, when you wear socks of the month and flip flops together, it is quite disgusting. Flip Flops are in no way a stylish item of clothing as they can cause infections on your feet and make them very dry. Also, Flip Flops aren’t considered formal enough to be worn with socks of month because they can cause slip ups and accidents if you weren’t wearing shoes at all when walking somewhere important.

2) Loafers

If you’re going to be wearing socks of the month, you don’t want to cover them up with shoes that have little functional or aesthetic value. Loafers are a popular choice for their comfort and elegant looks, but they leave little to no room for your ankles (which will be covered by socks!). If you plan on wearing socks, don’t try to wear loafers; they go better with no socks at all.

3) Crocs

If you don’t already know, crocs are shoes that have captured a cult-like following. In a way, they’re simultaneously the greatest invention ever made and also one of man’s most tragic creations. More importantly, however, they have very thick foam soles that make it impossible to wear them with any sort of socks. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them at all—just not with your cool socks subscription.

4) Leather shoes

Since leather isn’t a porous material, it doesn’t readily absorb water, meaning that your socks will stick to them and make for an uncomfortable experience (think sweaty feet). If you must wear leather shoes with your socks of the month, we recommend spraying them with a waterproofing agent before sliding them on. That will keep you from getting soaked as soon as you set foot outside. Plus, waterproofing helps extend the life of your shoes—so there’s that!

5) White Sneakers

Some might think white sneakers are an ideal choice for a sock subscription, but opt for black instead. White shoes can run afoul with several types of socks, especially those with patterns. While you might be able to match white athletic socks with a pair of white sneakers, and dark gray or navy socks will likely blend in just fine as well, it's important to know that it's not always easy to tell when things won't work out. Patterned socks and sandals come to mind here as problematic shoe/sock combinations.