I'm a Sock of the Month Club Addict!

I'm a sock of the month Club Addict!

The sock of the month club is one of the coolest and most practical monthly subscriptions I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving. That’s right, I said receiving – not receiving, because let’s be honest, it’s basically free money to me! Check out my review below to learn why I’m so hooked on this unique service and why you may want to join in on the fun too!

I started as just an accessory addict

needing color, texture, and interesting ways to accessorize my outfit. I would go out and buy socks with patterns on them because it helped change up my normal wardrobe, plus they made me feel sexy in heels. I ended up at Philosockphy in Austin, Texas when one day I decided to stop into their store for a sale. Little did I know that there would be so many choices that every month my socks come from them I will have something new and different. If you are looking for an idea as simple as receiving cute socks each month then definitely check them out – you won’t regret it!

Then I thought it would be cute if they matched

I couldn’t believe how cute and soft they were, and that was when I learned about socks of the month clubs. It made perfect sense to me: sock clubs are an affordable way to get new socks in my life. I can buy one pair at a time or several pairs at once. Either way, I will always have adorable, comfortable socks in my drawer. This month they matched beautifully with a skirt suit I bought on sale last year. There is nothing better than wearing something you love around your neck or wrist. If you think about it, jewelry is nothing more than small personal accessories meant to enhance our lives and our looks by adding color and fun to them.

Then came the cute packaging, making me feel like a kid again

Every month, I received my new sock surprise. Each package had at least one brand-new, never-before-seen sock that I had chosen just for me. And each month, there was a little card with information about that month’s product and company; I even enjoyed reading about how they came up with their marketing campaigns. On every visit to Philosockphy’s website, they provided plenty of inspiration by showcasing creative ideas on how to wear and match their socks—even suggesting interesting ways to wear two different pairs at once! The design patterns were so modern but still very fashionable and inspired me to come up with my own matching pairs—which made me feel like more than just an average customer; they treated me like family.

It reminds me to take time out for myself

At first glance, sock clubs may seem like just another example of how people-pleasing has become such an epidemic in our society. But instead of simply pleasing others, sock-of-the-month club members are actually doing something nice for themselves—something that helps them feel better about who they are and what they're doing. I know it sounds strange to be excited about a pair of socks (okay, maybe not so strange), but think about it: with all that's going on in your life, do you have time to do something only for yourself? As soon as I open my monthly package from Philosocks—which arrives quickly with several other pairs from different companies so that I don't get bored with just one brand—it starts my month off right.

There's something very satisfying about receiving packages in the mail

It feels like Christmas, or your birthday and at Philosockphy we understand that feeling. This is why we've started our own sock of the month club. Each month, you'll receive 4 new pairs of socks with different themes to choose from. For example in June we sent out a sock for Star Wars Fans (think: Yoda and Darth Vader) another for Men in Black fans (think: MiB logo on one sock and Men in Black on another) and also The Beatles themed as well as funny ones like 'Eat Sleep Workout Repeat' Fitness Motivation etc... The list goes on... Anyway, each month is dedicated to new great theme ideas.

It makes me look forward to laundry day

Sure, there are plenty of subscription services that send things to your house monthly. But for most people, I think socks are by far one of the coolest things to get in those boxes. They’re not something you usually look forward to having new—but they always come at an awesome time: laundry day. Yes, I know it’s weird but don’t knock it until you try it. Hooked on Socks is my favorite sock-of-the-month club! Their designs are fun and unexpected and they have excellent customer service and product quality. Seriously, when was your last great sock experience? I want some more!

The socks are fun, colorful, and inspiring.

I love getting something in my mailbox that’s more than just bills and junk mail, and I especially love receiving socks. They’re fun to open, colorful and inspiring—and they come in lots of varieties to choose from. Socks appeal to men, women, teens and kids alike. We never know when we might need an extra pair or two (or four!), so being able to purchase them en masse at super-low prices through sock subscriptions is great. Plus, I can share my newest styles with friends and family—it’s like a gift for myself that keeps on giving!

And it makes great gifts!

Here’s my confession: I’m addicted to sock of the month clubs. Really, what better time than the holidays to fess up? This year I bought myself one and when it arrived I was a kid in a candy store. Honestly, not since Christmas morning as a little girl have I been so happy about an un-wrapped present. Actually... on second thought, with all of these cute and colorful socks under my tree, maybe I’ve never been happier about an unwrapped present before – no matter what age.