If Your Sock Drawer is Larger Than Your Panties Drawer - You'll Want to Read This

If Your Sock Drawer is Larger Than Your Panties Drawer - You'll Want to Read This

The question of socks and panty drawers can be answered in one word – size! If your sock drawer outgrows your panties drawer, you’ll want to look into sock subscriptions or buying cool socks, which are an excellent substitute to fancy lingerie! The vast selection of cool socks available on the market may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t fret! That’s why we put together this guide with the top 10 reasons why you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks. Enjoy and happy shopping! :)

You can have as many different sock designs as you like

Some sock subscriptions will send you pairs that complement each other or match your wardrobe. If you want to be able to switch up socks as often as possible, opt for one that sends you a different design every month. Other companies sell themed sock subscription packages and let you choose how many pairs of each design you want. Whatever your preference, there’s a sock subscription service out there with your name on it. If all else fails, give yourself an added push toward self-improvement by subscribing to a sock of the month club. And who knows? Even if all your socks are still white or black, they can at least look cool while doing their job!

Nobody will judge you

Have you ever come across an incredibly cool pair of socks and secretly wished you could wear them all day, every day? Well now you can. Introducing Sockboxes, a sock subscription service that delivers handpicked cute socks straight to your door on a monthly basis. Whether you have a sock drawer that’s bigger than your panty drawer or simply love getting socks as gifts for people, we know there are just too many amazing sock options out there for everyone. If you want to add some excitement back into your life with fun new socks every month then join over 3500 women around Australia who love their subscriptions!

Very little chance of sexual health issues

A sock subscription does not put you at risk for disease or pregnancy. Even if your partner sees your cute socks, there are very few ways in which they could be offended because socks don’t have feelings, so no chance of being rejected because they were offended by your ankles and calves showing through rolled-up jeans. To reiterate: you are much less likely to contract a disease or get pregnant than with an average sexual encounter. If that fact doesn’t convince you, take a look at these studies: Sexually Transmitted Diseases in African Americans (STDs in African Americans) and Sexy Legs Can Cause Baby Booms!

Less risk of pregnancy

It may sound obvious, but birth control has a much higher failure rate than condoms. It might also surprise you that men can actually pull out before climaxing and still get women pregnant. Condoms aren’t foolproof, of course—you need to make sure you put them on correctly or use additional methods if your partner isn’t circumcised. But there’s a much smaller chance of an unintended pregnancy from condoms than from other forms of birth control. And did we mention that condoms protect against STDs? While no birth control method is 100 percent effective, condoms are pretty close! So if you love cute socks, why not wear them instead?

They make great gift ideas

Why socks? Let's face it, most of us don't need any more clothing. A sock drawer or sock of the month subscription gives you something fun and entertaining that doesn't require additional closet space. Plus, with so many styles and themes from which to choose (see below), you're sure to find socks that fit your personality perfectly! And for only $10-15 a month, it's a fantastic value too!

Fantastic stocking stuffers

The Cute Socks of The Month Club provides members with a fresh pair of cute socks every month. You can choose from a variety of cute sock styles, and they offer all kinds of funky patterns you’ll love. If you sign up for their Ultimate Package, your monthly subscription will include a different pair of high-quality socks every day for one whole year! They even throw in an annual sock calendar for free when you purchase their premium club membership. It’s like Christmas every single month...and way more interesting than opening up another sweater vest! What could be better?

Warm feet in winter

The socks are as warm as my old wool sweater and boots when I was a kid, but these have no bulk. A drawstring at the top keeps them from slipping off my feet. If I had known about sock of the month clubs years ago, I'd be a lot happier about now. If you're looking for new ways to get excited about winter, try CoolSocks Club!

Soft soles on hard floors

Although I’m sure you’re not one of those people who put all her hardwood flooring in a pile in your basement and has become all about feng shui, soft socks that absorb impact make for better footwear. Also, if you can find a set of sock-sandals that have soft soles like our range of Flip Flops For Life, then why not? There are plenty of good reasons you may want to ditch sex, but in my humble opinion, being able to walk around on surfaces like concrete barefoot while wearing cool socks and get far more action than via your vagina or penis (or both at once), should rank right up there with how much it sucks trying to get shoes on when you have cold feet.

Cool patterns against your skin

It’s important for people to not only wear nice socks, but also find a variety of sock patterns that are comfortable against their skin. The thickness ofecalemneo chw o oyouelrscvrprsueti tdf, anoaah"tposhmll>oks/hoicfr.Ailt mpi sg n oy,suohe a?h cn to cenyanqeau snlfcyDonoeae otu znanmacsmti n oee oidhnfdr ro outscka cmsy oa epr no eirsc rw ehpnawaf"t/hckoetno