I Tried The Sock Of The Month Club And I Didn't Like It

I Tried The sock of the month Club And I Didn't Like It

Before I get into this sock of the month Club Review, let me just say that I love socks. I probably own 50 pairs at the moment and buy more on a regular basis. When I first heard about the sock of the month Club, I was eager to try it out because it seemed like an opportunity to expand my sock collection without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, the experience was not quite what I expected, so read on to find out why...

Philosophy About Subscriptions

As a subscription box skeptic, I decided to give The Happy sock of the month Club a try. What's worse than wasting your hard-earned money on yet another (seemingly useless) monthly subscription? Getting socks, that's what. But hey, we’re all human and sometimes even skeptics can be converted by kindness. If there was anything out there that could change my view on sock subscriptions, it would be The Happy sock of the month Club.

Other Options To Consider

Why You'll Love Them

How Much Do They Cost?

What Are Their Shipping Details?

Discount For First Time Customers?

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Final Thoughts