I Tried The Sock Of The Month Club And I Didn't Like It

I Tried The sock of the month Club And I Didn't Like It

While the idea of receiving new socks in the mail every month sounds like the perfect gift to give yourself, I recently tried out Philosockphy's sock of the month Club and found it to be less than satisfying. Here's why.


Maybe you’ve been looking for a new pair of socks. Or maybe you’re just bored with life and in need of something exciting to do. A sock of the month club could be your answer. With these subscription services, a monthly box arrives full of funky, colorful and most importantly comfortable socks to keep your feet dry on those long and arduous walks around town (or even better, through your living room). You’re probably wondering: is it worth it? Is that extra money actually bringing me happiness? To help answer these questions and more, we at Philosockphy decided to try out our own sock of the month club from one brand that had caught our eye – Sandlot Luxury. Here’s what happened...


Philosockphy for Men, or P4M for short, has three different subscription levels. If you have a lot of socks or if you have a hard time finding socks that fit correctly, go with a P4M Elite subscription. These socks come in one of four styles: Basic, Core, Signature and Limited Edition. You get four pairs in each style and eight pairs overall per month (three per shipment). That's a solid amount of socks! One big con about these subscriptions is that they don't send out extra-large sizes. You'll have to go to the store if you need bigger sizes. There is also an additional $5 handling fee on top of shipping costs unless you buy at least $15 worth of merchandise; anything below that means standard shipping rates apply.


First off, if you are someone who likes going to a store and trying on socks, you’re not going to like sock of the month. There is no way around it. You have to trust that your socks will be fine because they are chosen specifically for you (and they were). That being said, while very nice socks were included in my boxes from time to time, there was a good amount of duds as well - okay socks that had been discontinued or not fully vetted by those curating them for me. This meant I wasted money.

So, should you subscribe?

If you like socks, then it’s a good deal. But if you don’t have any particular attachment to socks, and/or you aren’t a member of any sock of the month clubs (hey, it happens), then there’s probably no need to subscribe. You should just buy one pair when you feel like buying some nice ones. In fact, I would argue that even people who love socks shouldn’t make sock subscriptions a regular part of their lives. Wearing cool new socks every once in awhile is great—but if you wear them all day every day, your feet won’t enjoy it for long.

Final Verdict

Philosophically, a great deal of my views on life are based off assumptions that differ from those that most people hold. To some, it might seem like I'm being hypocritical if it turns out I enjoy a sock subscription. However, that's not necessarily so—especially when you consider there's more to Philosophy than what meets the eye. Many of us who have been heavily indoctrinated in our youth have an innate fascination with anything remotely esoteric; by my own admission, new age philosophy is right up my alley, which is exactly why something like Philosockphy resonates with me—so much so that it made me want to sign up for their subscription as soon as possible!