I Tried Out the Sock of the Month Club and It's the Best Thing Ever

I Tried Out the sock of the month Club and It's the Best Thing Ever

Who doesn’t love new socks? I know I do! I’m hooked on the sock of the month Club from Philosockphy, and I have no plans of quitting anytime soon. The company offers three subscription options so you can choose between only one pair of socks, three pairs, or six pairs per month (starting at $9.97 for one pair). You get to select your style preferences so your recipients will never send you something you don’t like, and the designs are always changing so you don’t get bored with it.

The Problem

Most sock subscriptions only give you one pair per month. This means you have to go out and buy your own socks (or go without) until you get your next package. The problem with that is I don't have time to wait a whole month before I can wear new socks again! What if my current socks rip? What if I hate what's in my subscription package for that month? With Philosocks, when your sock of the month arrives, you've got an entire 3-pack waiting for you in your drawer. Three pairs of socks ready to protect your feet at all times. And they're all stylish too! No more boring white tube socks or Christmas-sweater patterned ones--with Philosocks, each set comes with something new every single month!

The Solution

Last month, I noticed I was running low on socks. For someone who is obsessed with clean socks, that’s a dangerous thing. After rifling through my sock drawer for something to wear for that day, I realized just how tired my current pair were looking; it was definitely time to replenish my stock of quality cotton socks. But there was a problem: what kind of sock should I buy? And where would I even begin to look? After some thought, it became clear: there’s no need to wonder where you can find these amazing socks—just subscribe to a sock-of-the-month club! Every month or so, a new pair (or two) will show up at your door without you having ever had to lift a finger!

So What Exactly Is The Philosockphy Club?

The Philosockphy Club is a sock subscription service that offers three different plans for different budgets. The Fanatic (the most expensive plan) costs $56 per month, which will get you six pairs of socks. If you opt for a lower level, like Connoisseur ($30 per month), you'll get one pair each month; but they are only $10-14 in retail value so if you shop around at other places like Amazon or Kohl's, they’re usually priced around that range anyway. Both options come with free shipping if your order is more than $50. This club was started by Adam Goldberg as an answer to his own sock needs – he owns over a hundred pairs already!

How Do I Get Started with Their Subscription Service?

Philosockphy makes it easy to sign up for your first sock subscription. A few clicks on their website, and you're all set! They also have an easy cancellation process in case life gets in the way. And if you have to cancel mid-subscription, everything will get shipped to you so that you don't lose out on great socks! The cost for a new account is $15 + shipping costs, which can range from $4-$6 depending on where you live. Philosocks guarantees delivery within 6-10 business days through either USPS or UPS Ground (depending on where you live). Packages are packed with care to ensure no damage occurs during shipping. Your shipment also comes with a surprise gift; typically related to your favorite color or style of socks.

Other Benefits of a Monthly Subscription Box

The sock-of-the-month club isn’t just great for you, it’s also a fantastic gift. Finding gifts for my dad is a problem that has vexed me throughout my life. He’s notoriously picky (this may explain why he was never married) but he loves socks! I used to give him socks as birthday presents; apparently they were some of his favorite gifts (he’s mentioned them more than once). Since giving him socks became such a hit, I decided to buy him a subscription. When I asked him how he liked his first package, his response was My wife doesn't want me to open it because she wants them for herself! Mission accomplished - or at least started.

My Unboxing Experience

I received a package from a company called Dollar Socks that said sock of the month on it. I opened it up, anticipating another pair of socks like I always get from my mom when she comes back from Walmart, but what I found inside was something else entirely: A pair of $35 socks! They were very nice socks though and looked incredibly comfortable. Plus, they had fun colors and funky patterns all over them. After wearing them for a few hours, I liked them so much that I went to check out where they came from.

How can you get started with their sock subscription service?

Getting started with their sock subscription service is simple. First, you pick your plan, then you select how many pairs of socks you’d like to receive per month. Next, you fill out your sizing information. This includes height, weight and shoe size – helpful if you want to make sure that you get socks that fit well (that’s one of my favorite parts about having a few pairs coming each month). You can also upload a photo to be used for custom designs or let them select one for your new socks based on color or pattern preferences. Finally, it’s time to enter your payment information (at least $21 a month) and voila!

Final Thoughts

The socks I received were great! The colors were vibrant, they kept my feet warm on a chilly night, and they were comfortable to wear around. I was hesitant at first to join a sock-of-the-month club, because frankly I'm not a sock person. However, after receiving these socks from Isabella Rose Petal, I now am completely hooked on them. If you love cute socks then you will love getting something new in your mailbox every month. I highly recommend giving it a try!