I Tried Out the Sock of the Month Club and It's the Best Thing Ever

I Tried Out the sock of the month Club and It's the Best Thing Ever

Who doesn’t love new socks? I know I do! I’m hooked on the sock of the month Club from Philosockphy, and I have no plans of quitting anytime soon. The company offers three subscription options so you can choose between only one pair of socks, three pairs, or six pairs per month (starting at $9.97 for one pair). You get to select your style preferences so your recipients will never send you something you don’t like, and the designs are always changing so you don’t get bored with it.

Introduction: My name is Tim

I’m an author, a marketing professional, and a sock fanatic. I love all things socks. The color. The length. The weight. Even that weird smell right after you put them in with your laundry (if you’re one of those folks who doesn’t like that smell, then you probably wouldn’t be happy being part of my sock-of-the-month club). And since I am a marketing professional, I know about some pretty amazing things to come! Namely: socks subscriptions! Thanks to sock subscriptions, there is no more need to go out and buy new socks from time to time because they will simply come to you automatically every month or two depending on how much space you can allow in your drawer. Need socks?

First Impressions

The idea behind sock subscriptions is pretty simple: sign up for a service, get a box in your mailbox each month full of socks you can wear. For some reason, though, I didn't really think much about joining one until recently. Call it my Philosockphy, but I've always thought socks are boring. They're boring to wear. Boring to buy. Boring to receive as a gift (unless they're terribly mismatched or ugly). Even cool socks—like those with different color combos on either side or bold stripes—can be a bit meh when worn in excess. But then I signed up for my first subscription box...

Fun with Philosocks

Over Christmas, I was ecstatic to find a box under my tree with my name on it. My family loves to surprise me by picking out gifts based on stuff I've mentioned in passing throughout the year - they have good ideas, just not a lot of time to carry out those ideas... In that spirit, here are some fun sock subscriptions: Sock Drawer, Philosocks (if you're looking for comfort first), and J.Crew! The reviews above can get pretty detailed; I suggest hopping over to Amazon if you'd like more information on these options. I'm personally hooked on Philosocks as they offer wide variety at great prices.

Do They Fit?

One concern I had was whether or not they would be too big to fit my size 10 feet. Many sock subscription companies only go up to a size 11, so I was really excited that Philosockphy went all out with their selection.

Initial Thoughts, Continued

Maybe it was because I was an only child or because my mother taught me to appreciate good socks, but I've always been pretty picky about what goes on my feet. So when a friend told me about his subscription to Philosockphy , a sock of the month club, I decided to give it a try. When I finally received my first pair, I understood why he had such high praise for them. The socks arrived in perfect condition: each one was placed individually into its own sealed bag (this is important—you don't want one stray sock getting damaged), then shipped inside another plastic bag with a printed label saying when they were sent and by whom. The packaging alone ensured that these were some of the best-made socks that I'd ever put on my feet.

Final Thoughts

Why I’m Hooked on sock of the month Club: After hearing about sock of month clubs (you know, where they send you a new pair every month) for a while, I finally decided to give it a try. I mean, how bad could it be? You get socks and you don’t have to do anything besides sign up. Plus, some companies have really cute stuff! In my case, there was definitely something for everyone in my family. My husband loves them (he actually uses his daily), my daughter wears hers with dress shoes and so on... Overall, it’s been great!