I Tried a Monthly Sock Subscription and Here's What Happened

I Tried a Monthly Sock Subscription and Here's What Happened

I’m going to be honest with you; I never used to wear socks. I didn’t even own any! I’d stumble across some in my dresser every few months and wonder how they got there, but never cared enough to find out. Then, one day, my girlfriend bought me a subscription to the sock of the month Club as an anniversary gift, and now I can’t live without them! Here’s what happened when she gave me the gift that changed my life.

The History of the Company

I was looking for something to do with my Mom while we were up at her lake house in Maine, so I suggested she sign us up for one of those monthly sock subscription clubs. I had seen ads for them online and it seemed like an easy, fun way to get socks in a variety of designs without having to think about buying them each month. Since then, I’ve been hooked! After our first purchase from Philosockphy , I was convinced that their selection and custom service made for a more enjoyable purchasing experience.

How it Works

For $12.95 per month, I receive a new pair of socks from Philosockphy. The sock comes in its own drawstring bag, along with a pamphlet explaining how to care for it. You can customize your subscription based on your preferences for color and pattern. Each month you’ll get an email telling you when your monthly selection will be available for purchase; it’s billed automatically on your credit card unless you cancel before each shipment, which is easy to do online or over phone if you prefer not to wait for an email.

The Cost Breakdown

$10 per month for two pair of socks is actually cheap compared to how much you spend on socks over time. Considering we buy an average of six to 12 pairs per year, at $40 to $60, that’s anywhere from $240 to $480 spent on socks—and then they get lost. Investing in quality socks can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and durability, not just for your feet but for your wallet as well. Some are made from natural materials like cotton, wool or cashmere; others have fun patterns like stripes or polka dots. Quality socks are guaranteed to last longer than one wear. I can easily see myself spending more than $10 per month on them because I know what good quality is all about now.

So, Are They Worth It?

I don’t wear fancy socks. I don’t have particular preferences when it comes to color or design; mostly, my preference is for warm, comfortable socks that last. And these socks were exactly that! Through a combination of merino wool, nylon and spandex, these socks were not only comfortable but durable as well. I wore them for long periods of time without ever feeling uncomfortable or having to adjust them (I even slept in them!). If you’re looking for inexpensive, sturdy socks that look great (seriously: check out those argyle details!), then I definitely recommend Philosocks . It costs about $10 per month—not bad considering how often you actually purchase new pairs of socks. Overall, it was totally worth it!

Final Thoughts...

I’m a sucker for an interesting new subscription box, so I immediately subscribed to Philosockphy when I learned about it. In my first month, I received two really cool pairs of socks that were more thoughtful than anything else in my sock drawer. They’re also reasonably priced (under $10 per pair) so you can enjoy these without sacrificing your budget. Plus, Philosockphy offers discount codes frequently on their social media channels—so it’s easy to get an even better deal if you’re patient enough! Join Philosockphy today for one of their many sweet membership plans and check out what they have in store for August