I Just Signed Up For A Sock Of The Month Subscription & I Love It!

I Just Signed Up For A sock of the month Subscription & I Love It!

I don’t know about you, but I always wear the same socks over and over again until they either get holes in them or just wear out. Then, it’s only a matter of time before I walk around with holes in my socks, which makes me look much less professional than I’d like to be at work or any other place where I’m going to see people face-to-face! That’s why I decided to sign up for an ongoing sock subscription, and I love it!

About me

Before you take a gander at my review, let me introduce myself. My name is Taneisha Pearson, and I'm your new sock buddy. Today I'll be talking about my experience with Philosockphy's Ladies' Luxury Socks-of-the-Month Club (which isn't a real name, but we're going to pretend it is for now.) But first... Who am I? Well, from time to time I find myself standing in front of an empty row of socks in my underwear drawer. This used to make me feel bad about myself. My friends would be like: How can you not have matching socks? And then they'd have matching socks.

Why sign up?

When I signed up for a sock of the month subscription from Philosocphy, my husband had no idea. He thinks it’s just a fun thing for me to do and that he’ll get one pair of socks each month. But, for me, it was about making his life better by providing him with quality socks that keep his feet comfortable and dry. Our country is tough on shoes and when you live in a house full of men who are constantly trying to save money but also want their shoes to last, it can be difficult to find good quality dress socks at an affordable price. Philosocphy makes it easy by giving us an opportunity to try some great pairs of men’s dress socks without having to spend too much time or money doing so.

What I got

I knew that shipping my socks off every month was going to be a huge risk. With so many moving parts, it’s entirely possible that one or more things could go wrong and I would end up with a drawer full of socks. However, after testing out two sock of the month clubs over several months, I’m happy to report that they both worked very well. In fact, I have subscribed to a third club since finishing these reviews. Each club has different offerings and strengths but my favorite thing about all three was that there wasn’t an issue with sizing – each month (literally) everything fit perfectly...