I Can't Live Without My Monthly Sock of the Month

I Can't Live Without My Monthly sock of the month

Professional athletes may be able to get away with mismatched socks, but most of us don’t have that luxury! When your co-workers have taken note of the fact that you forgot to match your socks, or when your best friend makes a sarcastic comment about it at your birthday party, it’s time to start getting serious about sock care. That’s why I’m joining the sock subscription services trend and sharing 5 unique ways to fold your socks!

What's a sock subscription?

You're probably wondering, What's a sock subscription? It sounds like a terrible way to save money. And you wouldn't be wrong. But that's not necessarily why people subscribe to them. The idea is simple: A sock-of-the-month club sends its subscribers regular shipments of designer socks based on a predetermined schedule. This ensures you never have to run out and buy more socks when one pair wears out or gets lost in your laundry pile—or worse, finally gives up completely and actually disappears without warning. (Let’s face it: Those things happen.) Think of it as insurance for your feet. And yes, we know how unusual that sounds; hence, why they're such unique gifts! Now go read our full rundown on sock subscriptions!

What are some great benefits of using sock subscriptions?

Perhaps you have noticed that sock subscriptions are becoming more and more popular. Even if you don’t currently have a subscription, it’s likely that you know someone who does. The benefits of wearing socks on a regular basis are undeniable; however, unless you get a subscription there’s no guarantee that your next pair will be even remotely similar to your last pair. This is why people love getting socks as gifts or using sock subscriptions—it ensures they won’t ever run out! Additionally, since most services send themed pairs every month, it makes for an exciting surprise when customers check their mailboxes each month. It also makes for great social media content if pictures/videos are posted online!

My experience with my own sock subscription

I love socks. I know a lot of people do too. That’s why sock subscriptions are one of my favourite ways to discover new and unique socks from around the world. There’s nothing quite like waking up to find a new pair of socks waiting for you in your mailbox every month – and if you can make it happen for less than $10 a month, it’s all that much better! If you’re interested in getting your own sock subscription, check out our list below; some are general interest or feature many different styles (i.e., fun pairs for work, pairs with unique designs), while others concentrate on very specific categories such as sports or outdoor activities.

Who should use this service?

Who should consider sock subscription services? Anyone who owns a lot of socks. Those who like variety and enjoy unexpected, unique items. And those who want to be a part of a community that shares their love for socks! People always love to see what new socks they’ll get in their monthly delivery, plus it can make them feel less guilty about throwing out worn-out pairs that are beyond repair. With these subscription services, you won’t have any excuses—just throw them out when you don’t need them anymore! Plus, it's fun to have an excuse to put on your favourite pair every day as opposed to just wearing them around at home.

Where can you purchase socks from a subscription service?

If you’re not familiar with sock subscription services, they’re pretty straightforward. Most give you three to five pairs of premium socks per month. Typically, there are no contracts or commitments; and you can cancel at any time. Some have a more curated experience; some offer complete customization and pattern selection. They’re a great way to try new styles and keep your wardrobe fresh—and it’s fun getting something in your mailbox every month!

How often should you replace your socks?

A pair of socks should last you at least six months. If they’re in need of a replacement before then, it means they’ve become worn out and no longer serve their purpose—protecting your feet. Are your socks still providing optimal comfort and function or are they showing signs of wear and tear? These five ways to fold socks will help you tell! When it comes to monthly sock subscriptions, there's really nothing better than having a brand new pair delivered straight to your door. It saves time because you don't have to think about where your next new pair is coming from, so you can spend more time doing other things (like watching Netflix) rather than going out searching for a great deal on some fresh cotton toesocks.

What are some of your favourite sock subscriptions?

If you’re in need of some new socks, there are a number of sock subscription services on Etsy. My favourite is The Sock Drawer, which offers 6-month sock subscriptions (aka sock of the month clubs) with three different options. If you love colour and pattern, their themed socks are ideal: they offer designs like Polka Dotty or Rooster Tails that are great for anyone looking to add a bit more flare to their wardrobe. I love how colourful and fun these socks are – plus they come in a cute little fabric bag perfect for gift giving. The first pair ships out about 2 months after you order your subscription and your next shipment will arrive about every two months until your sixth pair arrives at your doorstep!