How Your Tie Says a Lot About You, According to Socks

How you wear your tie says a lot about you, according to the sock of the month club, Philosockphy. They spoke with our CEO and got his opinion on what your tie says about you as well as created an infographic to show you how your tie says it. Take a look at their findings below, and see which category you fall under!

Long Vs. Short Ties

What do you think? Are you wearing the right tie for your event? Asking yourself this question will help you choose between long and short ties. And don’t forget about our sock subscription! Check out our socks club reviews to find out what we think is the best sock of the month club.

Knot Type

The Knots You Choose in Your Tie Say A Lot About Who You Are. Whether it's a Windsor Knot or an Easy Knot, you're putting your signature on what kind of person you are. And the same goes for your socks. The type of knot you wear ties into who you are as a man and what you want to say about yourself. If it's business time and you're looking for that professional look, go with the Classic-Knot tie and wear ankle socks with smart shoes. For those laid back days when there's no need to dress up too much, opt for the Bowtie knot (definitely not for formal occasions) and wear funky knee high socks with trainers.

Patterned Vs. Solid Ties

Patterned ties are a great way to make your outfit pop with color. If you're looking for some more subtle looks that still have visual interest, then solid ties are the way to go. The great thing about both of these types of ties is that they come in almost every color imaginable. We have everything from muted grays and blacks all the way up to hot pink and lime green.

Bowtie Vs. Not a Bowtie

Bowties are famous for being the preferred necktie of James Bond. But these days men are wearing other styles, like no tie at all or ties with buttons.

If you're not sure what kind of necktie is best for your outfit, it's worth trying out some different styles and seeing which one you feel most comfortable in. A bowtie is the most formal and traditional choice; not wearing a tie at all is the least formal option; and then there's everything in between!