How Your Socks Can Change Your Life - Philosockphy's Sock of the Month


When you walk in the door after a long day at work, you’re faced with what feels like an insurmountable task: sorting through the laundry that’s piled up over the past few days. When you reach into the pile and pull out a pair of socks that feel soft and worn-in, however, it doesn’t seem quite so daunting anymore. In fact, you realize, the pile doesn’t even seem half as high as it did before—and you didn’t even have to sort through it to find your favorite pair of socks!

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Philosophy’s first sock – The Houdini

Philosophy is proud to announce a new monthly sock subscription service! We know that you may be wondering what is the best way to show your personality with your socks. Well, we have you covered with our first sock – The Houdini. It has a fun, colorful design on the front and back. In addition, it has a hidden message on the bottom that reads Houdini never quit so you can always remind yourself to never give up when life gets tough. These socks are durable, comfortable and stylish! Plus, we also offer free shipping and returns if you’re not satisfied with your purchase – no questions asked!

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Why We Love It

We all know that socks are a necessity for most. But what does your choice in sock say about you? That is, if we can judge by the company you keep and the style you choose.
Do you wear basic black dress socks to work every day? Do you have a drawer full of mismatched, crazy colorful socks? Maybe it's time to rethink what those around us see as appropriate or cool in order to fit in with our peers. Maybe it is time to throw out those plain black dress socks and stock up on some fun mens ankle socks or gift socks instead.

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Philosophy’s second sock – The Maverick

The Maverick socks are a great addition to our sock of the month club. They are fun, colorful and awesome. Plus, they come in a large range of sizes so you can be sure to get just what you need!
Philosophy’s sock subscription is perfect for any man looking to add some color and fun to their wardrobe.

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Philosophy’s third sock – The Mr. Spock

The third sock in our seven-month subscription is just as fun and funky as the first two. The Mr. Spock, named after a beloved character from Star Trek, pays homage to Leonard Nimoy with its iconic V on the side. This particular crew sock also has a range of colours, including bright blues, purples and yellows for that extra touch of fun!
Philosophy’s socks are designed to not only be comfortable but also stylish. You can even use them as an accessory when you want to wear something with long pants or shorts because they come in many different colours and lengths. What do your socks say about you?

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Philosophy’s fourth sock – The James Dean

It’s no secret that James Dean loved his jeans, leather jacket and cigarettes. But did you know he also had a thing for stylish socks? This sock pays homage to Mr. Dean by capturing his love for rebellious colors and styles. It features a bright green heel, flashes of silver at the top, and diagonal stripes from toe to heel in black and white.
This color is eye-catching enough on its own but it pairs well with our other colors too! You can wear it with any shoe or dress it up with a bowtie or necktie for a formal look. The James Dean is bound to be your go-to sock no matter what your mood or outfit!