How Your Sock Subscription Says a Lot about You

How Your Sock Subscription Says a Lot about You

To the average person, there might not seem to be much variation in socks. They all protect your feet from the elements and keep them warm and dry, and if you spend any amount of time doing laundry, you’ll know that all socks get dirty pretty quickly. But if you’re looking at sock subscriptions as an easy way to save money while also treating yourself each month with a little something extra, you’ll find that these seemingly insignificant accessories can say quite a lot about who you are as a person.

10 Types of Subscribers

People don’t necessarily subscribe to a sock of the month club because they need more socks. Sometimes, it’s just fun to get something in mail—anything. More often than not, however, members subscribe because they want one of ten different things. While each of these subscribers may have very different expectations and needs when it comes to their subscription, most will share some common ground when it comes to what they would like from their subscription service and if their socks are meeting those needs: .

A Sample Outline for Each Subscriber Type

When it comes to style, people take their feet seriously. With so many options to choose from, each type of sock has its own personality that follows you everywhere you go. Whether you’re looking for a sassy way to brighten up your work-day heels or want to dress up an old pair of cargo shorts, there’s bound to be a pair of socks that fits who you are and how you want to present yourself. Once you figure out your personal needs, it’s important to consider why these particular socks speak so highly of your business sense and individuality. In short: we each wear our hearts on our feet! Wear yours with pride!

The type you probably are...

The socks you wear tell us a lot about you. Are you cheap? Thriving in your career? If not, don’t worry! There are plenty of people who will pay top dollar for a high-quality sock subscription. It’s just that they have bigger bank accounts than you do. If you enjoy it and get something out of it, keep it up! Whether or not we think we can pull off certain styles, people are always telling themselves that they can pull off anything if they have confidence in themselves. In fact, some argue that confidence is more important than competence to success in most cases, especially when speaking about finances and lifestyles.