How Your Sock Subscription Can Help You Dress to Impress

What does your choice in socks say about you? According to the">sock of the month Club, it can tell others that you’re in it to win it and that you’re always one step ahead of the game. Plus, they show off your playful side and your appreciation for quality craftsmanship! If you want to step up your sock game but don’t know where to start, this guide will give you everything you need to begin or add on to an already existing sock subscription. Plus, follow these links to join now so you never miss out on another great deal again!

10 Things Guys Wear With Ties That Say I’m Just Trying to Pretend I Have Taste.

Ties are a crucial part of dress code for men, but what is the best way to wear a tie? Here are ten things guys wear with ties that say I'm just trying to pretend I have taste:

1. Ties that don't match your suit or shirt 2. Socks with sandals 3. A belt without pants 4. Sweatpants 5. Crocs 6. Flip-flops 7. Ugly bow tie 8. Oversized tie 9. Beltless 10. Cargo shorts

10 Things Guys Wear With Ties That Show They Mean Business

1. A tie over a dress shirt.

2. A bowtie with a suit.

3. Solid color socks that match their suit.

4. Matching cufflinks and watch bands (e.g., a gold, silver, or black watch band matched with gold, silver, or black cufflinks).

5. Wearing two different colored socks (e.g., navy blue on one foot and gray on the other).

10 Ways To Keep Track Of All The Awesome Stuff You Want From Sock Club

1. Take a picture of your sock drawer so that you can reference it later. 2. Create a spreadsheet with the name of the club, the date it was shipped, and all the items in each shipment. 3. Set up reminders on your phone or computer so that you don't miss any emails. 4. Write down the date you received each pair of socks so you can keep track of which day is coming up for your subscription and when to expect them again 5-10 days later 6-12 months later 7-14 days later 8-18 months later 9-24 months later 10-30 years later 11.

3 Reasons To Start A Sock Club Today

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