How Your Sock of the Month Subscription Can Reflect Your Personality

How Your sock of the month Subscription Can Reflect Your Personality

What do the socks you wear say about you? They probably don’t say much unless you’re subscribed to sock of the month, but even then, there’s a chance that your socks just follow the latest trends and your personality has no real way of shining through. But if you’re really paying attention to the type of sock that comes in the mail each month, and thinking about how it reflects your own personality, then you have an interesting way to see who you are without having to ask friends and family or take some test from the Internet!


The Preppy Patterned Sock

If you're looking to spice up your wardrobe with some colorful ankle socks, look no further! The Preppy Patterned sock subscription from Crazy Colorful Crew offers a monthly delivery of 3-5 pairs of fun and wacky socks in one size. With a price tag under $8, it's perfect for any guy who wants to add some color and personality to his otherwise boring sock drawer. Plus, you'll be supporting small businesses by buying from Crazy Colorful Crew.


The Funky Striped Sock

Do you like wearing crazy socks? Do you have a special brand for ankle socks? Well, then this sock subscription is for you! The Funky Striped Sock sends out fun and funky socks monthly to its subscribers. Choose from any of the six different categories: crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks, funny men's ankle socks, mens colorful socks, quality dress socks, and super soft quality crew socks. Plus they are affordable (starting at $9 per month), so it is easy to give as a gift to that person who always needs new funky and crazy things in their life.


The Bold Solid Color Sock

If you're looking for a sock subscription that will spice up your sock drawer, The Bold Solid Color Sock is for you. One thing about this sock club is that you'll never get bored with it because there are so many different colors and patterns to choose from.
This sock of the month club has a wide variety of designs, which means it can be a bit difficult to decide what you want. You can select between ankle socks, crew socks or dress socks; but if you really want something unique, check out the crazy color dress socks or funky men's ankle socks.
When I was trying to find a perfect gift for my sister's birthday, I knew The Bold Solid Color Sock would be perfect!


The Classic Argyle Sock

First, let's talk about what defines a classic argyle sock. An argyle is a diamond-shaped pattern typically found on socks, shirts and sweaters. Argyles are famous for their use in the Scottish tartan that was popularized in the Victorian era. The more common way to spot them is with their distinctive color scheme: usually white, black and red stripes offset by blue lines. The best sock subscription will provide you with colorful socks that are sure to make you stand out among your peers!
The crazy colors in these socks can help me stand out at work or school and make me feel like I am wearing something different than everyone else!


Which Sock Are You Wearing Today?

The type of socks you wear say a lot about you, and to be honest I don't think I could go a day without wearing some kind of colorful, comfy socks. As an example, I love how my crazy color dress socks make me happy in the morning (the bright colors!) and how they complete my outfit. On days when I'm feeling more professional or boring my favorite pair is a pair of purple mens ankle socks from _____.