How Your Sock Of The Month Club Choice Reveals Your Personality


Since you’re reading this, chances are you’ve either just found out about sock of the month or you’re looking to join one of the best sock of the month clubs on the web. Either way, your choices are telling about your personality. In fact, if someone were to ask us to describe you based on your favorite sock of the month club, we’d be able to give them all kinds of information about who you are, including where you come from, what things mean to you and even how good you are in bed. How’s that?


A sock is an extension of your personality

You can tell a lot about someone based on the socks they wear. Mens purple ankle socks are a great example of this, as many men prefer these over other colors because they're comfortable and feel like an extension of their personality. mens colourful socks in all types of patterns and styles show that you're fun and playful. They also say that you like to stand out and want others to notice your unique style. Fun mens ankle socks with bright colors help you express your fun side while still being practical for everyday wear. crazy color dress socks are more appropriate for casual outings or running errands, but they still scream your wild side because they have the same bold patterns as fun mens ankle socks, just in a different material.


Choose the right kind of subscription box for you

For the man who's looking for fun socks that don't take themselves too seriously, a sock subscription box is a perfect gift. For the adventurous guy who needs some new kicks to keep up with his active lifestyle, check out this awesome sock subscription box. For the best of both worlds, get him one of these cool socks for men that are dressy enough for work but casual enough for every day wear.


Read, read, read!

You might not think that socks say much about you, but they do! There are two major things to consider: the color and pattern of the socks. In general, black or dark colored socks are reserved for formal events. White socks show that you're a classy person and also have a sense of style. Finally, colorful and pattern of your socks can be revealing. For example, wearing a fun dress sock with tennis shoes says that you're laid back and carefree.
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Connect with others in your community

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