How Your Sock Choice Reveals Your Inner Philosockphy

How Your Sock Choice Reveals Your Inner Philosockphy

If you pay close attention to what socks you wear each day, it can say quite a lot about your personality and the way you see the world. The socks you choose to wear every day not only reflect how you like to be seen by others, but also whether or not you strive for excellence in your daily life, and even which of your friends and family members you admire most. So take a close look at the socks on your feet today, and see what they tell you about yourself!

Are you an intellectual

Do you love to wear socks that have funny sayings on them? Do you think that wearing a funky pair of socks is a great conversation starter? Are you looking for an awesome sock subscription service to send you a new pair of socks each month? If so, then the Mens Purple ankle socks are for you! These fun and witty ankle socks are not only stylish, but they also make great gifts. Whether your recipient is in need of some humor or just has everything, these clever sayings are guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Not only do these cool and crazy socks come in mens sizes (5-13) but they also come in womens sizes (6-12). So no matter what size your recipient is, they will surely appreciate the gift.

Are you a minimalist at heart

Do you like to keep things simple, but still want a little color in your life? You might be a minimalist at heart. You're not afraid to wear socks in the winter time, but you don't need them to have stripes or patterns all over them. You just want them to be a solid color and go well with your shoes. And you don't need it if they come with some silly sayings on them like I'm proud of my feet. Just give me plain socks and I'll be happy.

Are you someone who loves colour

Are you a philanthropist

Or are you more into patterns

Are stripes your thing

Do you love simple lines