How Your Sock Choice Can Tell Others Who You Are

How Your Sock Choice Can Tell Others Who You Are

What do your socks say about you? It may be surprising to learn that socks play a bigger role in your day-to-day life than simply keeping your feet warm and comfortable. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you’re in constant contact with your socks, so it’s time to find out what they’re saying about you! If you wear . . . then . . .

Basic socks are boring

Sometimes it feels like your basic white tube socks and black dress socks are only good for so many things, and they don’t do much to make a fashion statement or stand out in a crowd. Even if you aren’t looking to change up your look too drastically, you can use sock colors and patterns to get noticed. Consider wearing knee-high striped or patterned socks with your favorite jeans or shorts—it can make all of your other clothes pop. If you’re more adventurous and want to really shake things up, consider wearing clashing colors together like green socks with orange shoes or pink shoelaces with blue pants.

Cuffed or Uncuffed

The first thing people notice about you is your shoes. They draw attention to your legs, and get people asking questions—What brand are those? How much were they? Why do you like them so much? Now, a pair of socks might not cause quite as much of a fuss as a pair of jeans, but it can still make an impression on everyone around you. By wearing well-fitting socks that match your shoes, you immediately convey professionalism and interest in clothing and fashion. On top of that, choosing what kind of cuff goes on your sock tells people about your personality; whether or not it’s intentional, it reveals things about who you are. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you!

To keep them together or not

Studies have shown that keeping socks paired up results in a much higher lifetime than those who don’t, so if you’re serious about maximizing your sock life, then you need to pair them together every time. This is because matching up identical socks increases their lifespan and makes it harder for them to get lost. It’s just another one of those things that makes you look like a pro when it comes to organization and tidiness. Wearing mismatched socks on purpose (or by accident) is right up there with wearing unmatched shoes: it just screams I don’t care! or someone else has dressed me today! Either way, no one will take you seriously.

Opt for a pattern

There’s no need to cover your entire sock with something bold and colourful. Simply adding a stripe of colour to a white or neutral-toned pair of socks is enough to show off your creative side. If you’re feeling especially brave, try throwing in a pattern for good measure—just be sure it isn’t overbearing. But if polka dots aren’t quite your thing, there are plenty of other options out there (we like how these guys choose patriotic hues) that won’t make you stick out like a sore thumb when paired with more conservative footwear options.

The style that can make you look professional

It all starts with a good fit. But beyond that, it’s important to choose socks based on what you wear most often and what message you want to send. For example, college students should consider wearing ankle socks or no-show socks with their athletic shorts and flip-flops. After graduation, they might find that a clean pair of business socks will help them make a better impression during job interviews. If you work in an office where dress pants are required every day, there are plenty of dressier options for your feet—but don’t forget about health! Make sure you pick up some moisture-wicking crew socks to keep things dry inside your shoes during hot summer months. No matter what kind of sock you choose, be sure to take care of them by washing them regularly and rotating pairs so that each sock has time to air out between uses. The more careful you are with your socks, the longer they’ll last—and that means less money spent on replacements over time.

When in doubt go with the classic black

When in doubt, go with black socks. Not only will they work well with pretty much every shoe you own, but they'll also make an impression on anyone who takes notice. Even better than wearing a pair of stunning socks is knowing that someone else noticed your socks and liked them enough to say something about it. So if you're feeling bold (or just like looking down at your feet), just go for it—because if people are paying attention to your feet, then you've probably made a great first impression anyway. (Source: The Psychologist via BBC)