How to Wear No Show Socks Without Subscribing to a Sock of the Month Club

How to Wear No Show Socks Without Subscribing to a sock of the month Club

You’ve finally signed up to your local sock of the month club, and now you’re faced with the choice of what pair of socks to wear every day. Since no show socks are also called invisible socks, you might think they can be worn with just about anything, but there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want your outfits to look flawless. Here are 10 tips for wearing no show socks without subscribing to a sock of the month club.

The right socks can make all the difference

socks can show off your personality while they help your feet feel comfortable and supported. But wearing no-show socks without subscribing to a sock of the month club is tricky. It’s hard enough trying to match colors when you have an entire drawer full of socks at your disposal, but when you have just one pair, there’s an even greater risk that you’ll get them wrong. That’s why we put together our own sock club – Philosockphy – where we provide 5 different pairs (5 colors) from 5 different subscription companies every month so that you always get it right. Never wear unmatched no-show socks again!

Choose your socks based on your shoe type

If you wear dress shoes or boots with medium-height heels, opt for crew socks. If you wear athletic shoes with thick rubber soles and cleats, opt for thinner no-show socks (or actual ankle socks) that won’t bunch up inside your shoe. For maximum versatility, choose socks in a variety of styles (for example, buy one package each of crew and ankle), but don’t be tempted to purchase two packages of any one style if you only need one. You can always give away extras as gifts!

Material Matters

For many, wearing no-show socks with regular shoes seems like an impossibility, but it’s not! The trick is all in choosing the right pair. A pair that doesn’t have too tight or too loose a fit and is made from breathable fabric will hold up as long as you need them to. For ultimate comfort, go for socks that are slightly bulkier than other brands—they’ll be made from more airy fabric and will mold better around your feet (for example, Philosockphy uses extra thick cotton that allows us to create no-show socks with cute patterns). These features help protect your toes from blisters and blackened nails caused by rubbing against your shoe all day.

Color Makes a Difference

One thing that people often don’t think about is how socks can change their overall look. If you wear black socks with everything, then you may be missing out on an opportunity to add some color. After all, men’s dress socks come in a wide range of colors. These include prints as well as solids. The great thing about no show socks is that they can be worn with almost any shoe and still provide protection for your feet and ankles while being comfortable enough for everyday use.

I Love To See My Toes

When I first started wearing no show socks regularly, I just threw them on like any other sock—without really thinking about it. But after stumbling across some weird-looking toes and realizing my feet didn’t feel as good as they usually do, I decided to do some research on how to properly wear no show socks. My search for info revealed what seems like an unwritten rule: You gotta wear your socks with love or you’ll look like a dumbass and be uncomfortable. So with that in mind, here are 10 tips for wearing no show socks (without looking like one)

Give them some room.

When I first started wearing no-show socks, I think my biggest mistake was cramming them into shoes that were too tight. They would give me blisters and bunch up all day. After some trial and error, I discovered that my favorite no-show socks actually have roomier toe boxes than most dress socks do—which allows them to sit lower on your foot (and prevents bunching). They also have extra cushioning in all of the right places, which makes them ideal for hiking or general outdoor wear. So make sure you don’t just pick out any old pair of ankle socks; make sure they’re wide enough and cushioned in all of your favorite spots before choosing any particular pair.

Excess fabric = discomfort, so use the inside if you want to show off

As you probably know, there are two types of no-show socks: those that fold down and sit just above your ankle, and those that sit completely hidden inside your shoe. While both options are perfectly viable, only one offers maximum style—and it’s not folding down. Flip-up socks expose as much as an inch or more of colorful fabric, but that means you get to reveal fun stripes or patterns. They also have one additional advantage: They might not show at all! Depending on what kind of shoe you’re wearing, no-show socks designed for shoes may peek out—but if you wear them under shorts or slacks, flip flops or loafers (especially slip-ons), they should stay hidden.

In cold weather, you don’t need two pairs of socks

one for your feet and one for your shoes. Just wear no-show socks (the ones that peek out of your shoes just a smidge) with slippers, which are basically like wearing no-show socks all day long. Bonus: you can treat them as disposables! They’re super cheap and you don’t have to worry about them falling apart if they get wet because they aren’t over your whole foot. Better yet: slippers don’t have laces or zippers or anything else that might give them character.

Always have an extra pair in your bag.

The biggest mistake that people make when wearing no show socks is not having an extra pair on hand. Your feet are too important, and once you start wearing them you’ll be surprised at how much they can help prevent blisters and keep your foot happy. If you ever find yourself in between pairs (or even if it’s been awhile since you’ve worn your last pair), it’s worth investing in a couple more pairs so that you never have to think about no show socks again. At less than $10 for 6 pairs, we think it’s well worth it! That way, there is always one on hand wherever you go – even if you end up spending half of your day waiting around for something to happen. It may seem like overkill but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to miss out on life because you forgot to bring along a spare pair of no show socks!

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I wear no-show socks pretty much every day. Why? Because they're awesome and functional, not to mention that I'm all about looking great without making sacrifices. Here are my 10 best tips for how to wear no show socks without subscribing to a sock of the month club: (1) Start with quality; (2) Be selective; (3) Know your type(s); (4) Develop your own personal style; (5) Don't be boring!; (6) Avoid mismatches at all costs; (7) Go sans-shoe if you can—if not, then still use no-shows whenever possible!; (8) Walk around in them often!