How to Wear No Show Socks Without Subscribing to a Sock of the Month Club

How to Wear No Show Socks Without Subscribing to a sock of the month Club

Not everyone’s interested in their socks being the center of attention, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the beauty and quality of your footwear. With no show socks, you can still have socks that are soft and comfortable without showing off the fact that you wear them at all times of the day and night! Here are some tips on how to wear no show socks without subscribing to a sock of the month club.

The Basics

Fashion rules are made to be broken. Think about it, what would fashion be without an attitude? We wear clothing because we want to express ourselves. With that said, sometimes you have so much going on between work and life that you can’t commit to perfecting your sock game every single day. In order for people not to lose their minds when they see your bright-red socks peeking out of your sneakers, invest in some no show socks that blend in well with most shoes (but I think they look best with white kicks). Pick a color that coordinates with your wardrobe but isn’t too bold or attention grabbing. This way no one will notice them until you’re ready for them too!

Shoes You Can Pair With No Shows

Sneakers, Boots, and Sandals: When it comes to shoes that pair nicely with no-show socks, there’s plenty of options. Sneakers and boots will be your best friend, but if you need an extra inch or two for comfortability you can easily pull off sandals. You should never have visible socks peeking out from under a shoe; therefore any pair that has that problem is fair game!

Finding The Right Fit

Just because socks are meant to be hidden doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. First, take into account your shoe size and sock preference: Do you prefer an anklet or over-the-calf fit? If you want your socks to show, opt for brighter colors; if you don’t, choose darker hues. And never forget your footwear selection: The trendiest socks in the world won’t look good if they don’t match what you wear them with. In terms of style, avoid funky prints—like stripes and polka dots—on your feet. They’re great for wearing with jeans, but stick with solids when pairing with business casual attire.

Paired with Leather Shoes?

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing no-show socks with your leather shoes, it can be tough to keep them from slipping around. If you wear leather shoes regularly, we recommend finding those socks made specifically for leather shoes. They’re typically thicker and won’t slip as much as normal dress socks would in your shoes. Still, if you want to wear regular no-show socks and avoid sliding all over your leather soles, we recommend placing two pairs inside one shoe—one on top of another—for an extra layer that will prevent scuffing. Just make sure they don’t bunch up at your heel or create blisters! It may take some trial and error to find what works best for you.

Paired with Sandals?

While many sandals leave your feet exposed, some have pockets that can accommodate socks. For example, Birkenstock and Vibram five-toe shoes will likely fit socks just fine. Just be careful with sandals that are open-toed or feature thong designs. If you’re wearing no show socks, you don’t want them hanging out from underneath your shoe.